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Studio space to share


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posting this for a friend:

So as you know for most artists, performers, filmmakers, photographers and media makers, finding space to paint, rehearse, screen and produce...It is a battle for us...so I have a proposal...if you are interested in sharing space with myself...( Malinda- a docuvixen film-a filmmaker/editor if you don't know already), and my friend Ilene who is a painter...we are looking for artists to come in with us to keep available space in this warhouse/factory that is currently being divided up on Walnut Street near King and Bathurst. it is most likely the cheapest studio space in Toronto....at 250.00 a month!!!! Need about four other artists to come in with us... Also looking for photographers to go in on creation of a dark room.

We are looking for flexible people to share the space with us, to enable us to sustain the space and our work by putting on Art Classes, Workshops, and also offer the space up to allow groups to come in and rehearse, meet, screen, and put on installations...etc. etc...of course we are open to collaborating.

if you know of anyone who would be interested please pass on...and post that would be awesome....

If you are interested please contact me immediately... docuvixen @ gmail.com....

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If you're looking for darkroom equipment, I'd be willing to let some of mine go for a good price!!

I'd love to chip in, but I'm in Hamilton now... :)


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d, what's the deal on this?

are they looking to reduce rent down to an almost nominal amount, and how much space/privacy will each person/group get?

i'm thinking this could be a possibility along with a friend of mine - we might need some more space if a potential design business gets on its feet... storage and security would be essential though.

maybe i should just email her, huh. :p


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i'll pass that on threeflavours.

Jess, here's more info:

So just to clarify that it is 250 each....to cover the space, that includes hydro only a six month commitment.....

As for the rest, yeah, just email Malinda.