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Studio monitors for making mixes? Home use?

Discussion in 'Electronic Music Producers Forum' started by ghaleon, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    I know the usual arguement - studio monitors differ from home theatre stuff in that they have a "true" sound (closer to the source material) than home stereo speakers (which sound good, but are not an accurate reproduction)

    So will all my mp3s in serato sound like shit? Will oldschool jungle come out sounding brutally low-fi?

    I'm mostly drawn to the tight solid bass I hear on studio monitors. I'm a freak about the way music sounds, and if its going to be a better experience I will drop the money.

    Help is appreciated!!
  2. DoubleDown

    DoubleDown TRIBE Member

    Best thing I did was...

    Borrow your friends for an hour or a day.. try them in environment you would be listening to your music in.. make the call yourself!

    I'm sure you could probably rent s a pair too.. maybe L&M?

    Don't get me wrong .. asking for opinions is great too... but you tend to get a lot of opinions that are based around the monitor the person replying has, and is based around the room or environment they use them in. (which will be 100% different from your own)

    To be 100% sure... you need to use them yourself... where you intend on pumping them...

    or maybe that is just my opinion!
  3. AgentSanchez

    AgentSanchez TRIBE Promoter

    Shitty source material will sound like ass on decent monitors...
  4. AgentSanchez

    AgentSanchez TRIBE Promoter

    They have a 30 day refund policy so you can return them if you don't like them. Way cheaper than renting if you don't end up keeping them ;)
  5. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    Studio monitors = production

    Studio monitors + sub = DJing

    You'll probably find monitors alone to be too flat, esp. for Jungle - add a sub and you're golden, plus you have a setup at the ready if/when you decide to get into production.
  6. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    I have had a pair of Yorkville ysmp1's (i think thats the model) for years and they are great for home DJ use. No sub needed.

  7. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    Have you ever played on a pair of studio monitors with a matched sub?
  8. docta seuss

    docta seuss TRIBE Member

    If you're looking for a cheap set o' monitors with wicked sound, Alesis M-1'a are highly recommended.

    Compared to similarly priced monitors they have a hefty low-end, and do a heck of a job in the accuracy department considering the price.

    Niko has Behringer monitors from the same price range ($150 -> $200 each, passive), and he will testify that the bass on the Alesis' blows the Behringers out of the water.

    I have heard however, that Tannoy Reveals are the bees knees if you want to dish-out more cash, and if you're willing to invest significantly more, Mackie, JBL, and Tannoy all have solid high-end monitors.

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