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Studio Gear *lowered Prices*!!!!

Arthur Oskan

TRIBE Member
Boss SE-50 $200
*awsome vocoder and analog distortion.
*other fx: delay, reverb, chorus; full multi-fx
*patches can be built from the ground up.

Alesis Midiverb (original) $125
*12-bit present reverbs and gates.
*with Adapter.

Korg Poly 61m $350
*Korg's answer to the Juno 106; analog DCO 6 voice poly
*Great pads, basses, etc
*Triggerable Arpeggiator (+5v)
*Joystick for bizarre modulation
*Midi IN/OUT

Roland R-8 $325
*8 outputs + stereo
*sounds are tweakable; decay, pitch, amp etc.
*pattern based sequencing (similar to Akai MPC Series)
*64 internal sounds, acoustic, later percs, jazz etc

Roland 808 ROM Card for R-8 - $150
Roland 909/CR78 ROM Card for R-8 - $150

Clavia Nord Rack 2. $1250
*knobs all send and receive midi
*mint with box and manuals

Kenton PRO-2000 Midi to CV Converter $575
*2 channel converter with DIN sync output (for older Roland XOX gear)
*perfect to control analog synths via midi
*KADI port installed by Kenton to control a fitted an 808 (gives your drum machine full midi control, note numbers, sounds keymapped etc.
*Full Midi Implementation
*CV/GATE + Trigger outputs
*LFO’s of various shapes, all controllable via midi.

OEX-6sr Ensoniq Output Expander $200
*6 output expander for EPS or EPS-16+ keyboard.
*includes cable

Roland TR-727 $250
*latin brother of TR-707
*classic X0X programming grid.

Roland M24E 24 Channel Mixer $650
*24 mono inputs, 4 Aux Sends , 4 band EQ w/ midsweep.
*smallest ever 24 channel board: A little over 2 ft long and a foot deep!
*great shape and all the channels work; just needs a little contact cleaner.

Contact me if you want to arrange a demo of the gear!

Arthur Oskan


TRIBE Member
I'm planning a trip to Europe which is gonna eat up a lot of cash, If I have anything left when I get back, I would still be interested. That'll be in August, if you still have it.