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Studio Gear for Sale


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Gear List

Mac G4 - 400mhz, 192mb Ram, DVD-ROM,
Digi 001 I/O - Pro Tools LE 5.0.1 (w upgrade disk for 5.1)
TC Waves Gold Bundle RTAS
Lacie Firewire 60gb 7200rpm external hard drive (with silverlining pro software)
Lacie Firewire CDr CDrw 8/4/32 external writer (with toast software)
D-link USB hub (4usb's)
USB 3.5 disk drive

Asking $3600 for everything. The equipment is 3 years old.
I have all original disks for software and hardware. The original manuals
for Pro-tools and for every plug-in in the Gold Bundle.

all questions, offers, whatever please email studiosale@rogers.com
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room