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Studio 54 w/ alexd


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As soon as I saw the flyer for this, I knew that it was going to be a good time.
Got in around to find Madbar done up like I've never seen it - Complete with light-up gogo dancer booth! Isaac S. dropped some sweet ass house - he even played "the music sounds better with you" (which I had just mentioned earlier in the day was the first house song I ever admitted to liking way back when). The side room was playing hard trance for the two seconds I was in there, and it was kindof wierd and didn't fit with the night, so that was the only foray I made into there. But back in the main room, alexd was stepping up to the decks! He threw down some awesome classic disco tracks in the first 30 minutes of his set (including "Ring My Bell"!). Unfortunately due to morning time commitments our crew had to leave halfway into the set, but I could've stayed all night! The crowd was full of disco diva cross dressers (and luckily we could figure out that they were men, unlike some guys ;)), and it felt like a meat market - but in a cool disco way! It was also a huge ratio of girls to guys - Someone should have alerted Pest, because I haven't seen a ratio like that in a long time! It was, as booty bits so eloquently coined it, a true "taco party"! I felt like a giant around all these short girls :)
Overall, it was definetely something different - but the guys @ Fuel pulled it off!
p.s. thanks to Mark (mizz) for guestlist :)


Damn this really looks like a party I would have liked. Disco, Trance and no sausages Wow I am really upset where was this advertised cause I heard nothing about. If there is a thread in the upcoming events section I am going to kick myself in the head!


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i had a great time!!
people watching to the max!! dancing like mad to issac s and wishing to hell i had been to studio 54 during alex's set!!
pure laughs the whole nite!

thanks to kevin, andrea and liz for a hilarious evening!

even did our job as good samaritan 'ravers' and directed some partiers from detroit to a warehouse party later in the nite via cell phones and a quick email check once home.
hope you guys had fun whenever you are!!

now onto to bittersweet!!