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Studio 205 -


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What is there to say about a night where there was nothing to worry about - except how you're going to explain the holes in the bottoms of your shoes from the 14 hour party. With 8 dj's throwing it back and forth all night long - there was a little something for everyone. As always, couldn't ask for a better crowd - the room full of smiles made it impossible to not soak in the good vibes. I'll be sure to get pics out to those of you that want em... talk about facial expressions. Cheers to all - thanks for starting off the year right!

Special thanks to B & A for phenominal set-up... you sure know how to throw a party... and to meeting the real Samir!

ms :D
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I bruised my hands playing bongos.
I also have some hazy memories of what actually transpired over the course of the evening, but it was fun.
Always a pleasure to meet new peoples. Thanks again to Brandon and Ang for hosting. you can keep the shaker ;)

Prickly Pete

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Until about 8am it was amazing... after 8 (and not the minty chocolatey goodness treat)... at least what I believed was 8am... well that is a different story....


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New Years Eve?

Well it's Saturday and I'm still talking about "last night" although it *was* actually 2 nights ago... ;)

A big thanks to all of you who came out to stomp in the new year with us. As always a great mix of old and new friends made this a memorable night.

Also a special thanks to those who rotated the fine vinyl -- a diverse and talented crew who kept things going for over 24 hours:

John Twigg
General Red
Simon and F1
Charlie Hustle
Michael J. Brown

If you haven't heard any of these guys perform before you're missing out. Period.

Here's to all the great things the coming year has in store for us all.


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a few pics...

Here's a few pics, but since I've got over 200 myself and I know others have quite a few so I'll work on consolidating them someplace where all can see...if you've got some you want me to include give me a shout. :)


a few of the usual suspects and a newbie


on the phone with friends in Costa Rica


mr. twigg getting things going


a coupe of lovelies


somebody's getting into it


a shot from upstairs


it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...
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looking for some track info

Hey quick question for anyone out there who was there... did you recognize half the tracks General Red was laying down? I used to think I knew a thing or two about the techno, but obviously not. Either way - his set sent me dancing in my own little world, and would love to get a little piece of that to save for a rainy day you know. Anyway - can someone help me out?

btw. Nice pics Scatterbrains... shame you didn't have a shot of the rooftop patio... definately my favorite part of the place - fresh air can send you back into a party 100% refreshed! Cheers all -

Prickly Pete

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Re: looking for some track info

Originally posted by tetley
Hey quick question for anyone out there who was there... did you recognize half the tracks General Red was laying down?

Not being the biggest techno person i didn't recognize them all... but they did get me moving so i inquired and recieved a CD from him... some of the tracks he produced himself... very very very good production i might add... PM me and I can see about getting you a copy...



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a great party for everyone

This was a first for a couple of friends of mine and both gave me the nod at the end of the night letting me know it was the best NYE they've experienced. This is great cause i wasn't sure if it would be even be their type of party, but the different crowds meshed and hit it off to great beats, cool people and amazing vibe.

I still can't believe i decided to continue at 5pm on the 1st... I just didn't want it to end! :D

Thanks again to the hosts... looking forward to our next adventure.



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Re: a few pics...

Originally posted by scatterBrains

OK, This guy's name was Andrew, right?
......................... |||
......................... vvv

What's his DJ name? I must have talked with him for fiftyleven hours and somehow didn't get his email addy. poo.
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