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Students looking for a job? I can help!


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Hi everyone.

I guess I could try promoting this here for all you job seekers.

I do corporate relations and job developing for St. Stephen's.
I run a program that aims to place over 600 students (15 - 24) in full-time summer work.

We work with over 100 companies including Rogers Centre, HMV, Centreville, IT companies, camps, marketing companies.. You name it.

The reason why they hire through me is because I can provide a government wage subsidy. You can use this to your advantage too on your job search.

All you have to be is a student under 24, returning to school.. Come in and register and I will send your resume out to employers who have signed on to hire from us.

If you're interested, come into my office anytime between 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

1415 Bathurst Street (Bathurst and St. Clair)
Suite 201

I will do an assessment with you and will start sending out your resume to whatever companies you want to access.

Customer service, retail, camp and landscaping is going to be easy to get. With admin, IT and managerial, I DO have positions but I will have to do more of a focused search (if I have the time). But you never know, you might fit exactly what some of my employers are looking for.

- Sunny

Any questions, give me a shout @ 416-531-4631 x.273
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