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Stu Hirst Podcast

Stu Hirst

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Was going to post this in the mix section, but it didn't fit with the forum rules !
Hope it's okay here !

Check out the Stu Hirst PODCAST:
enter the following RRS feed in your appropriate podcast software section:


Out now: (www.beatport.com / www.djdownload.com)
Stu Hirst - "Rhythmique/Electronique" on Harlem Electric
Stu Hirst feat Amanda Pryce - "Feel Excited", Limbo Records
Ourhouse - "Jackin On", on Subversive
Ourhouse - "Dropout" (Original/Mike Monday Mixes), on Level Recordings
Davidson & Hirst - "Looking For Something", on Level Recordings
Dirty Rotten DJ's - "Start Getting Naked" (Stu Hirst Remix), Level Recordings
Mike Monday - "Housequake" (Stu Hirst Remix), Level Recordings
Demi - "Gearbox" (Stu Hirst Remix), Deeper Substance Records
Stu Hirst – "Plenty/The Floor", Plastic Fantastic Records
J&S Project - "Gone Years" (Stu Hirst Remix), Adjust Recordings
Ourhouse - "Dropout" (Trouble Soup Edit), Distinctive Recordings
Stu Hirst - "Choral" (& remixes by Shafunkers, Anil Chawla), Strawberry Blonde Records
Stu Hirst - "Cocooned", Fantastic House Records
Livio & Roby feat George G present Monochrome - "Mondovista" (Stu Hirst Remix), Strawberry Blonde Records

Bigger Than Jesus - "Magnatar" (Stu Hirst Remix), Climax Recordings
Stu Hirst - "Rhythmique" (Grayson Shipley Remixes), VIVA Recordings
Rene - "The Only One" (Stu Hirst Remix), Limbo Records
Stu Hirst - "Electronique" (2006 & Granite + Phunk Remixes), Strawberry Blonde Records
Stu Hirst - "She Yells She Bangs", Strawberry Blonde Records
Tim Davison - "After Midnight" (Stu Hirst Remix), Plastic Fantastic Records
Stu Hirst - "Catch You", Fantastic House Records
The Pushers – "Heart Leaks Out" (Stu Hirst Remix), Adjust Recordings
Chuck Lepley - "Rock" (Stu Hirst Remix), Mining Vinyl Records
Ourhouse - "Start As You Mean To Go Wrong", Strawberry Blonde Records
Eelke Kleijn - "Life Passing By" (Stu Hirst Remix), Alterego Records
Stu Hirst - "Back To '92", Strawberry Blonde Records
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