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Strippers' choice in tunes

Discussion in 'Guys Stuff Forum' started by diablo, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    Why are they usually so shit?

    There are few worse buzzkills at a peeler than a lady on the lower end of the attractiveness scale dancing in slow motion to an Evanescence song.

    Ditto for three trance or industrial tracks in a row.

    These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night.
  2. Pottsie

    Pottsie TRIBE Member

    This could be a fantastic thread!
  3. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    I remember one of the first strip joints i went to, a blonde rock-on chick was gracefully dancing to a led zeppelin tune, and i became enchanted.

    then she stuck her fist up her ass.
  4. rave jedi

    rave jedi TRIBE Member

    Just a few minutes ago, I was playing poker online with a girl named Lola. Now I'm very compelled to see my fav stripper tonight also named Lola. Just love the name and my Lola is a sexy and slutty Latina. Need i say more. LOL

    Last time I saw her, I don't remember exactly which order the 3 songs set was on stage, but I remember the artists. I still enjoyed her show. Think it was this:

    Depeche Mode-- It's No Good

    Duran Duran--Ordinary World

    The Smiths-- How Soon is Now

    I was totally won over by her retro 80's set! :D
  5. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    I've posted about this before...

  6. Ho||yw0oD

    Ho||yw0oD TRIBE Member

    Best ever was, when we were all 17 or 18, going to the peelers and watching our "never had a girl or even a kiss" of a friend get walked off to the VIP room to Tragically Hip's "38 Years Old"! Epic.
  7. bootyhunta

    bootyhunta TRIBE Promoter

    I remember I went to For Your Eyes Only on a Friday night and one of the girls danced to 3 Basement Jaxx songs.

    Then I went to Industry the next night for Basement Jaxx and she was there.
  8. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    Well, I was expecting this story to have a bigger finish.
  9. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

    that's what she said.
  10. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

  11. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

  12. <FresHFunK>

    <FresHFunK> TRIBE Member

    This made me laugh. Nothing ruins the attaction more then watching a chick fist her own ass. It makes me think what else has she put in there? What would be the biggest thing she could get in there?
  13. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member


    to each his own my friend!!!
  14. oeretS

    oeretS TRIBE Member

    Beyonce - Naughty Girl

    this is a bonerfide stripper anthem
  15. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    I had a friend who stripped in montreal and she always chose Rage - Killing in the name of. She was different though.
  16. <FresHFunK>

    <FresHFunK> TRIBE Member

    I guess so. First its the fist, next is the bad end of a 60oz'er! HAHA
  17. AgentSanchez

    AgentSanchez TRIBE Promoter

  18. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    ya, her tight sphincter would be ruined, but she could come in handy on trips to buffalo when you try to smuggle back a couple of undeclared iphones.
  19. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    That's a waste of a woman's asshole.
  20. Chris

    Chris Well-Known TRIBEr

    you cant just choose one song, any person who has gone to the "ballet" knows its usually a three song combo, always, there are rules.

    I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine) Part I - James Brown
    Kiss - Prince & The Revolution
    Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
  21. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    now it is.

    but prior to the canadian release of the iphone 4 she would've been shitting out the profits.

  22. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    Get off the stage!
  23. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    LFO - Freak.
    Curve - Fait Accompli.
    Depeche Mode - Fly On The Windscreen.

    best 3 song set i've ever seen, from a scorching hot 5 foot 6 brunette.
    spent several up n close dances with her afterwards...bliss.
  24. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    would it help if i was "dancing" to 'Nelly'?
  25. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    Country Grammar?

    That might actually not be bad...

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