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Stripper + lacrosse team = trouble; AKA my new career choice = profit


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Rape charge divides elite U.S. campus
Duke University: Woman says she was assaulted by lacrosse players

The accuser is a black single mother of two who works as a stripper to pay her way through school at a modest North Carolina college.

The accused are the white members of nearby Duke University's esteemed Blue Devils lacrosse team -- scions of privilege who can afford high-priced lawyers as well as tuition at a prestigious U.S. school.

But nearly a month after a 27-year-old exotic dancer complained she was gang-raped, sodomized and choked by three players at a team-organized party off campus, the question of who was to blame has morphed into head-scratching over whether the incident took place at all.

DNA samples collected in the hours after the alleged March 13 attack failed to link any of the Duke players to the woman.

Lawyers for 46 of the 47 teammates -- the lone black member of the lacrosse program was not asked to provide a DNA sample -- made the findings public on Monday and promptly held a news conference proclaiming their clients' innocence.

"There is no scientific evidence to support the allegations," Pete Anderson, a lawyer representing one of the players, told assembled media. "The investigation should be closed."

It's lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!
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sheik rock said:
It's relevant because the pre-rape entertainment was yelling racist remarks at the strippers as they danced.
Yeah I knew someone who went to school in the U.S. and she said the campus was totally segregated. Very relevant unfortunately.
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