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Strip Hop


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Just thought I'd put it out there because I think this would be ridiculously amusing, but this Wednesday is Strip-Hop nite at Filmore's. Live DJ and hip hop vocals, dunno who, don't ask, and strippers.

I'd go if it weren't at Filmores lol
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what/where is filmores?... this sounds hillarious... and who is putting this together?....

it'll be just like watching mtv or bet... except we can see nipples..... but basically the same...


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DJ Law (Project bounce) will be on the wheels.

And it's the same people that are doing Thursdays @ Fez with Serious, Grouch and Law.

Big Cheese

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Amy_J said:
I'd go if it weren't at Filmores lol

shit, i think i might go because it's @ filies

JMG you fucking lurker, lez do eeeeeeeeeeet, maybe you'll see heather hornay


p.s i do listen to bounce if i'm driving @ that time of night, so i suspect the beats will be pretty dope
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Juan Love

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For Christina Applegate Sake, this is a taste of Shambala...strippers AND hiphop...they be like my flavorite food groups, yo!!!

This is bigger than that 2 in 1 crunchy soft taco thingie Shaq used to plug with The Bell!