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Strip Clubs


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no lapdances!? what's the point in going to the strip club, or even being alive, then!

you're lucky they aren't coming to my hypothetical bachelor party where i'd hire a dozen hookers and have vast quantities of drugs on hand.


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The idea that peelers (and - for some unknown reason - particularly suburban peelers) are thinly-disguised handjob houses is still mostly false. The vast majority of venues would not risk their liquor licence (aka the bulk of their revenue stream) by allowing the strippers to whack off every other dude that drops $20 on a lap dance, especially when the patrons can go down the block and get whatever they want for half the price at a rub+tug.

I'm not exactly a regular at peelers. I think they're basically sleazy, overpriced joints for sad-sack mofos and tow truck drivers, and I more or less only go for friends' birthdays and for the benefit of out-of-town buddies. That being said, I've been to quite a few joints across the GTA, both downtown and suburban. I've had drunken buddies get lap dances and try to negotiate "extras", only to be rebuffed across the board.

Maybe things were different years ago, but apart from the odd alignment of particularly sleazy dancer and customer, rampant backroom $40 handjobs etc are a myth. But hey, some Triber knows someone who was a stripper and heard that some girls had orgies in the men's room in exchange for Skittles, so who knows!?

Now if it were one or two strippers at a hall or hotel rented by the groom's friends, I'd say that stuff like that would be far more likely, since:

a) the stripper would not lose her job if caught
b) the dude wouldn't lose his cash and get tossed from the joint if caught
c) there's likely far less oversight in terms of security/staff in general


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[SQUARE];4291534 said:
I have been to strip clubs more than my boyfriend. Actually I'm pretty sure he has never been. I wouldn't have an issue if he did decide to go and would just think he was stupid if he got a lap dance as its a lot of money to spend for a few minutes of a girl pretending to rub her junk on you.


My husband didn't even have a bachelor party, while I had the "party limo" stocked full of ridiculously drunk girls.

I've been to the rippers, and had a blast! both male and female, but the male rippers are terrible. I'll never go again. I still go check out the woman because it's hilarious when you're hammered, and I like to pick up strip tease moves for later ;)

I don't mind my husband going to the strippers and have encouraged him to go out with his friends on numerous occasions, but he's not interested. "The beers are too much money" and "The girls can't really dance anyway" are his excuses. Then again, this is a guy who won't even do "boys cottage weekend" or any of the crazy cottage weekends at his best friends' place because it's "shit show" and he's "too old for that now". Fuck, i'd love to go!

Clearly, we all know who the partier is in this relationship, and it's not my husband.

I have nothing to worry to about! but I wouldn't mind him getting a lap dance if he really wanted... as long as it was just a lap dance. Knowing my husband, he's too cheap to get one, but I'd love to buy him one just to see his reaction.


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I've been to both. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's very boring.

The last 3 best buddies of mine refused to have their bachelor at a strip club, prefering a games night at the Legion Hall.

One of my best buds did have his bachelor party at a strip club, but it was a bachelor/bachelorette party where both the men and ladies came and it was great.


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Lol.. remembering last bachelor party I went to.. One chick did her job REALLY well... you shoulda seen the guy after..

"turns out we're from the same home town... I think she really likes me!"

He was blown away for like 24 hours after that experience... Ya guy... Im sure she was into you....
I know a guy like that. He had a problem with drinking and strip clubs (and other problems I think). He lived about an hour from TO. On a fairly regular basis he would call on a Tuesday at noon to announce that he had skipped out on work, driven to Toronto and would be drinking at the peelers for 8 hours. He would end up falling for some stripper and prying off his wedding band as he didn't want to blow his shot her with her. It was always some overweight stripper because he only cared about one thing - enormous udder-like boobs. To the exclusion of all consideration for other attributes (or lack of attributes).
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first off - if your boyfriends/husbands tell you that they don't go they are lying to your face. Every one goes.
As somebody already mentioned, you are just assuming that because of your own life experience. I know plenty of guys that don't go.


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I doubt very much you're talking about 'respectable' joints wrt extras. More like the places around the airport or way the fuck out in Sauga or Brampton, by and large. This shit isn't happening at Zanzibar or the Rail or FYEO.
My ex-girlfriend used to work coat check at the Rail. She came home one day and said that one of the girls had gotten in trouble for getting fingered. She also said that this same girl was always getting in trouble for getting fingered.


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I shouldn't have said that it doesn't happen at those clubs - but it is much much more commonplace in the outlying areas, simply because they're less high-profile.
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I'm totally not cool with my boyfriend going to a strip club, although he has for a few bachelor parties and I'm not going to tell him he can't go.

Basically my boyfriend should not be seeing or touching or being touched by a real live naked woman ... I'm the only one who gets to do that. That's the deal for me when it comes to monogamy - I don't give a fuck what society thinks is normal or acceptable.