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StretchandHooker Open The Vaults Record Sale! Sunday Feb 26th


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Looks like Spring Cleaning has come early and I am ready to unload alot of the Classics that people have enquired about over the past 10 years plus a whole wack load of others, Breaks, House, Techno etc.
From 1993 - 2005
Not going to post a list of records available just show up !
Queen & Dufferin
48 Abell Street # 240 (west entrance behind car wash)
11AM -5pm
First come first get !
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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If I were spinning vinyl......I would be there.......heck...I'll come just to take pictures of the event. I would imagine digging in the crates would be a total TRIP!

Big League Chu

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Was there first thing this morning, there are a lot lot lot of records for sale and most of them are gems. Midspeed rare breaks from the early 90's, lots of classics from 95-99 too. Try to make it down cause people were passing on some really really good tunes. If you know what your looking for then you'll really clean up. If not Steve's got turntables there for you to listen.
Glad I checked it out.

There are also lost of house, tech, tech house, and acid house gems.
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