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Streetcar Drivers! >:|

jus me

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I had an incident today with a streetcar driver. This incident included being yelled at and refusal of service.

Most TTC employees are great, except for the ones who drive the streetcars. I witness at least a payement incident once every 2 days.

So here's what happened to me. I pay my fare and hop onto a streetcar going north and I get a transfer. Once I get off at my stop, I quickly cross the street and drop off my library book in the slot (Now, I know I'm not supposed to "stop-over", but most people do anyhow). And cross the street again to catch a streecar going westbound. This all took me less than a minute. A transfer expires after 1/2 an hour.

The driver must have seen me crossing the street or something cuz I showed my transfer clearly, and he stopped me. I showed him my transfer again, and told him he could have it, since I didn't need it anymore. Then he mumbled something I couldn't hear, so I figured it was all good and sat my ass down in a seat.

Then he wavers his finger at me and I come up again, asking what's wrong. I tell him the transfer is valid and I crossed the wrong street. Yes, I lied. :p

So he yells at me to get off. Again, I reiterate that the transfer is valid. I start to take out my wallet (to pay a new fare) and he shouts, "I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY! I DON'T CARE IF YOU GIVE IT TO THE GUY BEHIND ME (meaning the next streetcar driver)!". I ask if I can have my transfer back, now prominently displayed on his board of controls. He shouts, "NO!" I say, "Fine!" and get off.

Now I'm not one to get mad easily. But this guy ticked me off. He didn't have to be rude, nor did he have to yell. I mean really...Is this some public transport scheme to gauge riders for all they have?

However I do understand that they have to put up with the public everyday and encounter some unfriendly characters.

Perhaps he misunderstood me, and thought I went east then decided to go west? Who knows.

After I got off his streetcar, he drove away so fast that I couldn't even take his car number down!

My questions are, can a driver refuse service? I offered to pay a new fare. Can he take away a transfer on the "suspicion" that I stopped-over?


I've seen this happen alot, one of the worst times was when a guy showed his metropass. And one of the letters of his initials on his metropass did not "resemble" that of his I.D. The driver called the "control centre" and made him stand beside him, all while not moving the streecar one inch.
A old man even offered to pay the guy's fare so we could all get moving, and the streetcar driver refused his offer, telling him to "mind his own business".

I recently read that TTC drivers get paid on a per minute basis. The more experience they have the more they get paid per minute.

Maybe they have alot of pressure from their superiors to weed out bad riders? Hell, I dunno.

But this is happening more and more often and frankly I'm getting tired of it. :rolleyes: Relax! And stop being so anal!

P.S. Not all streetcar drivers are bad! I love the guy who drives the Gerard/College streetcar who sings and makes funny comments! :D

Sorry to make it so long. I don't usually do this.


I don't know how anyone could say a mean thing to a face like yours.


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sorry to say but I am on the side of the streetcar driver here..

i agree that he should not have been so rude to you, that was very uncalled for. But like you said, you did stopover and he did see you. Now i know that all you did was drop off a book and get on with your walk to the streetcar but i'm sure that he didn't see that part. I would also bet that he gets the kind of excuses that you gave him 100 times a day.

My questions are, can a driver refuse service? I offered to pay a new fare. Can he take away a transfer on the "suspicion" that I stopped-over?
i believe they have the right to refuse you service for any reason they deem reasonable. And yes, i'm sure they can also take away your transfer for any reason they want to.

the ttc has a complaint line that you could call, but i'd assume that since it's just the price of a fair, most people probably don't call since it's not that much to complain about.

da MiGHTy pLUm!

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hmmm.... that's never happened to me before.... and I usually grab a coffee while I'm at queen/Yonge before I hop on the street car... maybe they can't see me doing the stop over so I get away with it all the time. :p

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I'm with stir-fry on all points.

Do you know how much shit TTC drivers put up with?
And it's not like they have a manager they can go get when the going gets rough.

jus me

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Well I just called the TTC, and the guy told me that the driver should have used more tact and explained the reasons why he took my transfer.

Anyhow, my question was answered. The guy told me that drivers are allowed to refuse service under certain circumstances. May it be threatning, violent, etc. But I was neither of those.

However, as I offered to pay a new fare, I should've been allowed to do so. Not kicked off the the streetcar.


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ya i hate them..

i hate it especially when they make you show your drivers license as well...

stupid ttc..

hsr here is just about as bad though


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ps, i don't care what anybodys reason for power-tripping is, they can go fuck themselves - nobody has the right to power trip. period.
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jus me

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I know TTC drivers go through alot of shit on a daily basis. From a personal view, I would never curse, threaten or act violently towards any stranger. And I (espcially) am in no position to provoke anyone, being under 5'2" and wearing a backpack.

But they are a business. What happened to customer service?

Maybe if they had some competition. Hmmm... :p

Anyways, problem is solved. They're sending me an adult ticket, and I'm screwing them for a good 85 cents! (I'm a student)

A little victory, but a victory nontheless. :D

Awh, Joey. That sucks. I mean, how much proof do you need?!? I once had to the driver examine my photo ID while a bunch of people were waiting to get on after me, cuz I got a haircut and I looked different.

And tommy, I was mad too. More upset and frustrated though. But then I went to the gym and punched the bag around a bit. Hee. :)


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if we lived in a civilized society we could let the drivers drive, and the patrons could just punch their tickets on the streetcar.....thats the way its done in amsterdam, vienna, prague, etc.

we're such hethans that 'the man' can't trust us. :rolleyes:


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I guess I can imagine that people must try that trick on a regular basis.
After you've seen it X number of times, it would get super annoying.
I remember one time in the summer, when a customer totally tried to pull a fast one on me, I bit my tongue but was so pissed! If that had happened again while I worked there I totally would have said something, in a not so nice manner (and I am totally not like that normally).
Overall by trying to at first con him, when he clearly saw what was happening, it was almost like you were insulting his intelligence. Maybe if you had owned up to it right away he may have been more forgiving.

Although let it also be said that he didn't have to actually yell at you, he was in the right. It wasn't a power trip.


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streetcars can sometimes be full of grumposaurs - drivers and passengers. especially when they get full.

on the driver's side, I'm sure they do put up with a lot of crap - not only from the passengers but drivers who love to cut them off regularly and who keep moving when the streetcar has stopped and opened the doors.

he shouldn't have snapped though. sounds like he needs to ride the vacation rocket. :)


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Originally posted by atomic

he shouldn't have snapped though. sounds like he needs to ride the vacation rocket. :)
...or the unemployment rocket

if his job is so stressful that he lashes out at customers for something as harmless as crossing the street to drop off a book, maybe he should let someone else do the job.
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jus me

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I understand from both sides, as I've worked in customer service before. It's just too bad it got down to this.

Hopefully the driver didn't take it personally, as an insult to his intelligence. Cuz it wasn't a personal attack, meant for him especially.

We all take things alot more personally these days. Maybe he's just had a bad day. Oh well.

:) thanks for the input all!


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You tried to scam the TTC and got busted. You also ignored the driver when he questioned you on it (although that wasn't your fault).



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I dont like the ttc very much.

A couple of years ago I was waay out in scarborough during a fairly mild snowstorm. My friend and I were trying to catch a bus, which we had to run for. Not fun. The driver obviously saw us, but we made it to the stop and hopped on there.
So we get on and put in our tickets. The guy asks to see our student cards, which is fine..we show them.
Then the driver says to read the fine print on the back.
"Card must be shown before fare is deposited."
We tried to argue that we would have shown it before: since we were running, in the stupid snow, and that he was reading too closely into that rule. We proved we were students; it's not like we were lying.
My friend started to get really angry. I calmed him down since the driver started threatening to kick us off and I really didn't want to spend anymore time outside. we had to pay an extra ticket. boourns to that guy..

This happened about 4 years ago; but considering that riders are now paying approximately 80% of the costs to the run ttc, they would be a bit nicer with stuff like that. People are just creepy sometimes though :(