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Streetcar Developments Buys Broadview Hotel (Jilly's) FAO MONGO

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Brad Lamb is pissed.

I live across the street and have been thinking about moving. The impending construction has solidified my decision


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I've never been in there but always wanted to check it out for shock factor. I feel it's a very seedy place that has chicken wings, though the whole idea is being fueled by my own imagination.


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I used to work at a dance club down the street years ago, when we needed $1s and $2s they'd send someone (usually me) down to Jilly's to make change with the girls. Awesome.

And the wings really were very good.
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Probably the most ho-hum strip club I've ever been to. Nothing remarkable good or bad happened there in multiple visits. Although I bought overpriced chemicals there so it did in fact qualify as a strip club.


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I work right next to this place at carrol st. So i'm in that hood everyday.

City News was out interviewing what looked like tennants today.

Been there only once a few years ago when I was previously working for this company. We all hit it up for the special budweisers cheap night.

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