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strange people


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does anyone else have a fascination for eccentrics?

here are a couple of real people throughout history who led interesting lives:

william john cavendish-bentinck-scott
5th duke of portland

cavendish-bentinck-scott was one of history's great recluses, and went to extraordinary lengths to avoid human contact. he lived in just one corner of his stately home and communicated with his servants through notes passed to him through a special message box that was cut into one of the doors of his rooms.

food was conveyed to him in the dining room by means of a minature railway running from the kitchen. in the event of chance encounters, he would stand stock still and servants were instructed to pass him as they would pass a peice of furniture. those who transgressed this instruction were compelled to skate on the duke's private skating rink until exhausted.

the duke used his inheritance to build a second mansion underground. at its peak he had 15,000 men employed in its construction and when finished had a library nearly 250 feet long and a ballroom that could accomadate 2,000 guests (rather odd for someone who doesn't have guests.)

when the duke died, his heirs found all of the above ground rooms devoid of furniture except for one chamber in the middle which sat the duke's toilet. most of the rooms were painted pink. the one uostairs room in which the duke resided in was packed to the ceiling with hundreds of green boxes, each of which contained the single, same dark brown wig.
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joseph pujol,
aka 'la petamane' (roughly translated as 'the fartiste')

Le Petomane was unique. He exercised deft control over the muscles in his abdomen and sphincter in order to break wind at will, and--most impressively--in musical notes. His celebrated anal act consisted mainly of songs and impressions. He could only produce four tones naturally (do, re, mi and the octave do), but augmented his talents by using a flute affixed to an enema tube. Le Petomane's "piece d' resistance," however, came from smoking a cigarette and extinguishing a candle--all with the power of his his turbulent ass.

In truth, Pujol gave himself an enema every morning so that his act did not produce foul odors. He need not have worried, as his gas was produced not by the digestive process, but from his magical ability to 'inhale' through his buttocks.

And so Le Petomane began the show with a series of "impersonations" Yes, Pujol's asshole was the French equivalent of a modern-day Rich Little. Zealously, he would recreate the farts of a little girl, a mother-in-law, a bride on her wedding night (a small, tight squeak) and the same bride on morning after (a loud, juicy roar). In addition to domestic gas, Le Petomane also produced "occupational" farts: a mason's was, "dry - no cement", and a dressmaker's went on for a full 10 seconds, capturing the sound of ripping fabric perfectly. Pujol even did cannon fire ("Gunners stand by your guns! Ready — fire!"), thunder, and many others.

Le Petomane then delicately stepped backstage and inserted a yard-long enema tube up his bung. Huffing and puffing, he would smoke an entire cigarette, then release all the smoke in one colonic poof. Then, with a small flute affixed to the end of the tube, Pujol played an instrumental version of Au Claire de la Lune. For his grand finale, Le Petomane blew out several gas jets in the footlights and led the audience in a jubilant sing-along.


please post a bio if you know of someone eccentric or interesting. i love these kinda stories.:)
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I know this girl who was fascinated by strange people. Strangest person I've ever met.

Love gollum


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norton I
emperor of the u.s.a

the emperor

every theatre performance that opened in san fran from 1855-1880 put away three complimentary seats - one for the emperor, two for his dogs.


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I like Mithradites, who poisoned his mother, his sons, his concubines, etc. He was also constantly fearful that he'd be poisoned himself. So, he ingested small amounts of poison over the years to build up an immunity. Then the romans invaded, and fearing capture, he tried to kill himself (with poison), and failed. His slaves ended up killing him.


A Cynic philosopher of greece.

"During his residence at Corinth, an interview between him and Alexander is said to have taken place. Plutarch relates that Alexander, when at Corinth, receiving the congratulations of all ranks on being appointed to command the army of the Greeks against the Persians, missed Diogenes among the number, with whose character he was acquainted. Curious to see the one who exhibited such haughty independence of spirit, Alexander went in search of him and found him sitting in his tub in the sun. "I am Alexander the Great," said the monarch. "And I am Diogenes the Cynic,"replied the philosopher. Alexander then requested that he would inform him what service he could render him. "Stand from between me and the sun," said the Cynic. Alexander, struck with the reply, said to his friends, who were ridiculing the whimsical singularity of the philosopher, "If I were not Alexander, I should wish to be Diogenes."