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***Straight Lampin' - Mattyson - HOUSE***


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Mattyson - Straight Lampin' - DJ MIX
DJ MIX - 6/27/2015
2x Pioneeer CDJ 800 - Allen & Heath Zone:42

1. Pezzner, Kid Hops - Scissor In Law (Original Mix)
2. Philip Bader - Piernas Locas (Sable Sheep Remix)
3. Ramon Tapia - Ibis (Original Mix)
4. Dennis Ferre & Bola Bello - Dem People Go! (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
5. DJ PP- Remember The First Time (Original Mix)
6. gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix)
7. J Nandez - Blackout (Original Mix)
8. Marc Vedo- I Wanna Know (feat. Mila Falls) (David Penn Remix)
9. Toni Rios - Stay With Me (Brett Johnson Remix)
10. Tiger Stripes - Lonely Girl (Original Mix)
11. Riva Starr, Horace Andy - Dublife (Alexkid Dub Mix)
12. Tom Flynn - Different Gear (Original Mix)
13. Wreal - Feels Good (Joss Moog Funky Remix)
14. Sable Sheep - Fool's Patron (Original Mix)

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