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STOTT PILATES DVD's- level 1 & 2


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I'm selling these almost brand new Stott Pilates DVD's.
Stott Pilates: The Secret to Flat Abs - Pilates Matwork L. 1

Stott Pilates: Firm & Fit - Pilates Matwork L. 2

I bought them to do pilates at home and have moved on to the next level. The level 1 is a great introduction to core pilates for beginners, the level 2 is a complete beginner/intermediate workout. they are in top condition and retail for $22-$25 each plus tax.

they're excellent for getting started into a home pilates workout and you don't need any accessories, it's just the core matt workout. Plus, Madonna does pilates and look at her body ;)

I'll sell them for $12 each or 2 for $20

email me at littletough at hotmail com, PM or reply to this thread
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