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Storm Update anyone??

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daddyiwantchocolate said:
5+ hours of driving, then I basically ran out of gas, left my car at the pump (literally) and grabbed a cab to a hotel.

gg all season tires :|
Where are you?!


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Just talking to one of my friends. She woke up this morning to see her neighbour's tree crushing the back half of her car. Apparently it's not a pretty picture.
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what i'm worried about: it's a fucking sloshfest out there right now - water and slush everywhere.

as soon as it gets cold again tonight (high of -3) it's going to be a fucking skating rink out there.



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my boots, which had held up quite well, have proven themselves to be not watertight, i.e. when entirely submerged up past the ankle they do indeed, leak.

luckily i fond this out ont he way home from alex under lastnight. i'm lucky a) that it wasn't on the way TOO alex under and becuase b) i took an extra pair of socks to work today. and i rolled my pants way up high. no shame in wearing floods when there's an actual floor.

and then by the aft it was gorgeous outside! as much as we bitch, the weather in canada sure is entertaining.
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