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stoned kermit & big bird


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can someone find me a link to this MP3 thingy? no animation or anything, just the dialogue.

i will pay you in plur.

thank you!


Kermit: Hello Kermit the frog here, and welcome to sasamea street
Kermit: Id like to tell what todays letter is but I am reall fu***ked up
Kermit: Big bird do you know what todays letter is?
Big Bird: Sure Kermit, todays letter is JOINT
Kermit: Uhh big bird JOINT is not a letter, it is a word.
Big Bird: Sorry kids todays letter is 3
Kermit: Uhh big bird 3 is a number
Big Bird: Exactly, the number 3 which is how many joints ive smoked today
Big Bird: Kermit are you with me
Kermit: God im stoned
Big Bird: Me too
Elmo: Guys guys show go on, common
Kermit: Thank you elmo, umm
Kermit: How b’out we say our ABC
Big Bird: Uhh OK
Kermit & Big Bird: A
Kermit & Big Bird: B
Kermit & Big Bird: C
Kermit & Big Bird: D
Kermit: E
Big Bird: B
Big Bird: F
Kermit: R
Big Bird: G
Kermit: Q
Big Bird: K
Kermit: C
Big Bird: R
Kermit: S
Kermit: F
Big Bird: C
Big Bird: I forgot what we were doing krimmit
Kermit: Did you just call me krimmit?
Big Bird: Yes I did
Kermit: Krimmit the frog here
Kermit: OK ok, that’s all the time we have for today, good bye kids todays show was brought to you today by the letter umm.
Big Bird: Bong
Kermit: And the number
Big Bird: God your messed up
Kermit: Fuck you
Kermit: The number fuck you
Kermit: Bye bye
Big Bird: Bye bye kids
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i haven't heard it in about 5 years and now everywhere i find it has animation as well. the visuals are so much funnier in my head!
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this reminds me..

sesame's treet!!