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Stomach and liver cancer

new to t.o.

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Yes, a light thread for the day . . .

they opened up my dear uncle and they're not optimistic. Stupid google's not helping me and my family's too upset to deal . . .


stupid healthy bastard who never smoked, is super 27-holes-of-golf cuz he's bored healthy was just operated on . . .

my family is too upset about the prognosis but I also know a co-worker last year died from stomach cancer.

It's bad, eh? :mad:


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It's very bad :(

A few years ago, I watched a family member die of stomach cancer...right in our home... it was extremely tough.
His name was Tony.

I spent many days sitting on the edge of his bed, talking to him.
It felt very strange to sit beside a man who was in perfect mental condition… but whose body was crumbling down to nothing.
He understood the full extent of his illness…and was very clear about the fact… that he had only few months to live.
That whole period felt so surreal to me…like an out of body experience…

I remember just wanting to sit by his bed…and absorb his every word…. as if his words were precious drops that held the secrets to the universe.
It shocked me to hear him say… that his biggest worry was about my mom…and how she was going to deal with the aftermath of his passing.
I never expected that.
He totally came to terms with his approaching death…in such short time…I was blown away. He was so blasé about it.

He died very quickly. 3-4months or so and he was gone.

When he finally did pass away... and the ambulance came to our house to pick up the body.... one of the paramedics was my mom's student. That’s when my mom almost totally lost it.

This whole situation had a huge effect on me as well... I barely made it through that semester at school...


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Unfortunately, yes its bad.

Stomach or liver cancer alone is terminal alone, I'm afraid.

My sympathies to you and your family.


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My Grammy was diagnosed just over a year ago, she's doing ok, but you can notice a big change. Excluding losing her hair from the chemo, she's weak, losing weight, and often confused.
She was living in our house so I had been converted into an aide for the last 5 months. She is in hospital now (as of Tuesday) and will be for a few months, depending on wheater they can shrink one of her tumors or not.


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I'm sorry to hear about your uncle's diagnosis.

If you are looking for some information here are some websites that might be useful:

Canadian Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute


Each one of the above websites has an area that links to information about specific cancers. The resources on all of these sites are very good.

This last one is actually a part of the Canadian Cancer Society site...but it's a direct link to the page that provides the phone number for "Cancer Information Services". So if you would rather talk to someone to get information than surf over the net this would be better. They may also help you find support services for your relatives and uncle.

Cancer Information Service - toll free phone number

My thoughts are with you and your family.

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Evil Dynovac

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If they opened him up, looked around, and closed him up, that means bad news.

Very sorry to hear about it. I wish you, your family, and especially your dear uncle all the best.
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be as strong as you can be in these trying times. use the time you have left to it's fullest, for him, for yourself and your family. leave behind no regrets.



wayne kenoff

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sorry to hear that. a co-worker of mine was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. initially, they though it was liver cancer but the diagnosis was changed to stomach cancer, which is only slightly better. it's not a good prognosis, but some do recover so there is hope, look at Saku Koivu. prepare for the worst but hope for the best is the only advice I can give you.

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Originally posted by Evil Dynovac
If they opened him up, looked around, and closed him up, that means bad news.

Yup, that's what they did. Nobody has talked of the "official prognosis" but have said it's aggressive. He's going to start chemo soon.

I've been burning up the phone lines since the family's in Newfoundland and I'm here. I called one uncle I know is having an especially tough time with it.

My aunt (his wife) is super-emotional at the best of times and when he was first diagnosed, they actually had to carry *her* out on a stretcher and take her to emergency. My mom also hyperventilates at the slightest bad news. Must be the Maltese in them.