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Stewart Douglas - mindset 2004 [minimal techno]


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Just a mix i did sometime in May 2004 - i had it up for a week but the host went down.Figured with the big minimal surge i would regurgitate it. Ole Trevie to the rescue (thanks mate)... a very minimal mix, hope you enjoy a second time around!!


Porter Ricks "port of transition" [Chain Reaction]
Maurizio "m5" [Maurizio]
Round Three feat. tikiman "acting crazy" [Main Street]
G. Varley "g7" Overdrive
Thomas Melchior "feel sensual" [Perlon]
Charlie Hall "subway" [Svek]
Fluxion "fovea centralis" [Chain Reaction]
Danny Anderson ''white label" [Restructured]
Pop Up "2" [POP UP]
Circus Company "c./noze" [Circus Company]
Reinhard Voigt "a.s.p." [Kompakt]
G Man "the art of war" [Swim Records]
The Martian "skypainter" [Red Planet]

mindset download
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miller said:
grabbing now. tx. SD

love that martian record!

cool, yeah me too geoff!

hope you enjoy, and will hopefully own that corner of your's @ the drake for the next tempo :p

Buddy Holly

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Just thought I would let others know what a good mix this is Doug. Nice and tight, on the fly. Good stuff. Just long enough to get the juices flowing:cool:
Deep, Deep, Deep!

Thanks for sharing this one.

Props dude!


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Nice one outta the vaults! Thanks for posting this one. Nice and mellow, yet thumpin' if that makes any sense to anyone but me.
Well mixed as always. Thanks for this one!
Definitely not ch33se.
Keep your baconpan to the beaver!
Just had to use those little graphic doo dads.
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making room soon! iceman the man! been getting quite a few emails and tracklist info.... just the inaugural bump for those who may have missed out on some minimal in a oldschool fashion...