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Steven Seagal in sex slave shocker!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by diablo, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    Seagal Sued For Allegedly Keeping Sex Slaves

    Fucking LAWL
  2. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Tiger has got to be happy about this.
  3. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    how will he ever recover from these accusations
  4. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    Sounds like the plaintiff is Out For Justice.
  5. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Yeah I'm pretty sure he won't be alienating his fans with this one.
  6. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    This bad press has him Under Siege.
  7. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Yeah this story might be Hard to Kill. He's not Above the Law.

    I guess he just couldn't tame his Fire Down Below.
  8. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    If some nut with a grudge gets a hold of this story, he could find himself Marked For Death.
  9. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    has anyone approached the Dalai Lama for a comment?
  10. deevah

    deevah TRIBE Member

    he just wants his Pistol Whipped so he can Fire Down Below...a lot...and often...
  11. Kinger

    Kinger TRIBE Member

  12. PF9K

    PF9K TRIBE Member

  13. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

  14. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    Buddhist in wolf's clothing.

    Who did he think he was fooling?
  15. This still doesn't explain how he considers himself a musician.

    Or why he thinks he shouldn't wear sleeves.
  16. kirstenmeows

    kirstenmeows TRIBE Member

    All I can say about Seagal is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW....
  17. keld

    keld TRIBE Member

    dude had personal whores on staff? that's pretty bad ass

    really it's more like 'sex employee' than 'sex slave'. what's the difference between this and hugh hephner?
  18. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    hugh likes it in the shitter.
    Segal's movie career is also located there.
  19. keld

    keld TRIBE Member

    maybe but if you've got multiple female attendents on call, who cares about anything else
  20. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

  21. mr chris

    mr chris TRIBE Member

  22. saskboy

    saskboy TRIBE Member

    The dude is classic sociopath/narcissist.

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