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Steve Z - Forth and Back - House


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I put this mix together over the winter, but this is the first chance I’ve had to get it up here. I wanted to showcase all the different styles of house I play with this one, so there’s a lot on here - techy, groovy, funky, chunky, and even deep-y. Hope you like it. Thanks to mikeryan for hosting.

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Steve Z - Forth and Back

* Blaze – Lovelee Dae – 20:20 Accapella – Playhouse
01. Kriece – Nozomi – Shva Muzik
02. Formidable Force ft. DJ Heather – Affection – Tango
03. Town + Country – Love Could Be (Town Mix) – Amenti Music
04. Greenskeepers ft. J-Dub – On The Line (Member’s Only Mix) – Greesnskeepers Music
05. Tony Hewitt + Liam Little – All Love (Troydon’s One Love Remix) – Tango
06. Blacksoul – I Got Soul (JT Donaldson’s Time’s Up Remix) – Deepfunk
07. Aroma Allstars – Jazz Chronicles (Hogan + Sadello Original Mix) – Aroma
08. Jamanta Crew – Crispy Chicken – Greenhouse
09. DJ Fluid – Loud & Clear (Original Mix) – Utensil
10. Demarkus Lewis – Track and Field – Lowdown
11. Lil’ Mark – Do To Me (Vox) – Doubledown
12. Justin Martin and Sammy D – Cats and Dogs – Classic
13. Hipp-E – Snap Jack – Detour
14. Kelvin K – 2 Doors Down (Jazzy Mix) – Nordic Trax
15. Untitled Orchestra – I Like It – Icon
16. Kelvin K – Keys 2 the City – Greenhouse
17. Hecher + Ward – Back Then – Tweekin
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I've had this for a week and it's in good rotation. Lots of bumpity funky tunes. Katherine likes it a lot.

Don C

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This is a terriffic mix Steve! Great selection, flow, and mixing. I could be biased because I have most of these records, but this baby had me grooving along for sure. Nice work dude!


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yeah this mix is rugged, some wicked tracks - loved the members only mix of greenskeepers, and of course the kriece track;)

nice one buddy
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glad you guys dug it. and i have to agree with sentence, kelvin k is the shit. i can't get enough of his dubby, jazzy sounds.


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Just finished listening to your San Fran Noize mix again, which I've decided is super-awesome...dling this now!


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This mix is growing on me like a moustache!!

Great tune:

03. Town + Country – Love Could Be (Town Mix) – Amenti Music

Mix is tiiiiiiiiiight
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thanks for the kind words. that track has grown on me itself. it's a sneaky one. comin' in all smooth and lovey-dovey then evolving into spaced out love funk further along. box it!