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Steve Yanko 'Trippy Disco Volume 1' * DISCo * HoUSE NoT HoUSE * nU FUNk


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Steve Yanko * 'Trippy Disco Volume 1'


1) The Young Brothers 'Imagaz' (Vincenzini Reprise) Pronto
2) Russ Gabriel 'Back In Charge' (Soul On Wax)
3) Teddy Rutspin 'Make It Work (Wurst Edit) CDR
4) Idjut Boys 'Spaz Boogie' (Noid)
5) Dinosaur L 'Clean On Your Bean ..1' (Sleeping Bag)
6) Loose Joints 'Tell You (Today)' 4th & Broadway
7) Afro Butt 'Boffed' Big Bear
8) Carol Williams 'Can't Get Away (From Your Love) Vanguard
9) The UB's 'No.43' (Electric Souls)
10) Commodores 'I Feel Sanctified' (Motown)
11) FC 'Essenced' (Disco Sucks)
12) Black Cock 'Cosmic' (Black Cock Records)
13) James Gang 'Yadig?'
14) Ray Mang 'Holy Ghost' (Mangled)
15) Buck 'Forward Movement' (Leaf)
16) Dirty 30 'Rip It Off' (Steve Yanko 86 Mix) Truffle
Truffle Music.

"Diggin The Roots"



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really enjoyed first half of the mix second half wasn't exactly my cup of tea but was pretty good too