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Steve-O Movie?!!!

The Kid

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Anyone hear about this new Jackass/Steve-o movie? Apparently they film him throughout a five day PCP bender...!

It warms my heart to know that there's badasses out there like Steve-O holding it down for all us wankers that have wimped out and gone yuppie.


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Well, I've heard ABOUT it, as the DVD is sitting on my coffee table at home (it's my bf's brother's and he lent it to him)... haven't seen it though (and with any luck, I won't see it either, as I saw enough Jackass last weekend to last me a lifetime). All I can say about it is that the cover portrays Steve-O sitting up in a coffin. Classy! :p


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Steve o has 3 dvds available called Don't try this at home Vol 1, 2, 3

I bought them and think some of it is pretty funny but yeah theres a lot of shitting on each other. Vol3 has a second disc called PCP Saved My Life but I haven't watched it because it supposedly is just him on PCP going crazy - not something I feel like seeing.
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most girls would.

seems like that kinda fun only works for adolescent boys and men who still haven;t grown up.
i think jackass is a funny movie. btw