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Steve Mack on Proton Radio Today!


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Steve Mack will be hosting a very special two-hour mix on Proton Radio today (December 9, 2003) from 12-2pm. The show is called Q:uarks and is regularly hosted by Toronto's Aaron K.

One hour of today's show will feature a segment from the November 7th Stereobar, Montreal set featuring the Smack going back-to-back with Steve Caciedo from NYC. The other hour is a very special studio mix from Steve featuring the newest, freshest Tech-House in the land.

If you're unable to catch today's show, two parts of the Steve vs. Steve back-to-backer is streaming on www.bringthebeats.com.



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Part 1 - Steve Mack & Steven Caicedo Live @ Stereobar

1. Unknown - Unknown
2. Unknown - Unknown
3. Unknown – Unknown
4. Unknown – Unknown
5. Unknown – Unknown
6. Unknown – Unknown
7. Unknown – Unknown
8. Unknown – Unknown
9. Phonique – Fake It (Frankman Remix) [Dessous]
10. J. Dahlback & K. Marchi – The Enchantress [Svek]
11. Scott Findley – Acid Face [Iron Box]
12. Random Method – Transformation [Slide]
13. Rene Breitbarth – Airport [Triebstoff]
14. John Dahlback – Strapped [Affected]

Part 2 - Steve Mack 'Q:uarks' Mix

1. Xavier Mathias – Body Free [Brique Rogue]
2. Brett Johnson – Sigh Of Relief [MVM]
3. Fred Everything – What’s Up Bro [Nightshift]
4. Harold Heath – Reload Dub [Detour]
5. DJ Ali – Where The G At [Nightshift]
6. Maetrik – Freaky Flow (Random Factor Dub) [Big Chief]
7. Hipp-e & Tony Hewitt – Come On [Nightshift]
8. Kevin Freeman – Freeing Your Soul [Low Pressings]
9. Pig & Dan – Round Acid Sound [Submission]
10. Audio Soul Project – Sabotage [Matter/:Form]
11. John Tennant – Make It Funky (Breaks Mix) [Village]


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^^^^^^ Steve has to teach me first!!!!!!! :D Missed the set but you have to hook me up with a burned CD copy. Shawna and I will cook you dinner...

I just realized I'm posting from Shawna's user name. She's gonna be pissed!!!!!!


Warren D.