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steve mack gimme some smack attack @ stereobar...


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all i can say is incredible...awesome vibe...awesome people to party with...caciedo played wicked tunes...smackers layed down a killn"!!!! so good, stereo is something else (can't say i've had that much fun at a club in a long time...)...way to go steve, it's been a pleasure to have watched you become what is really a world class dj...hope we make it home ok on sunday :D

to the rest of the crew, 1000k, fabricated crew partying in the sunny south caribbean, we're going hard for you :)

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LOL John, hope you guys are doing okay. Good to hear that Stereobar went well and Steve did us all proud!
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nice won! who was playing the main room at stereo? steve is on his way to superstardom! :D

hugs and kisses for sublimon and line.


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Oh boy!

Limited partnership will be very, very upset to hear that the Smack is STILL going. He has an extremely busy couple of weeks ahead so Cheez its your responsibility to ensure that the Caciedo virus doesn't infect him any further. Nice to hear that you've finally experienced the Montreal vibe JC, but enough is enough. Time to chill!


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im wondering if these afterhours festivities took place in my apartment..

i got home tonight and found a paif of headphones i dont own plugged into my mixer and several empty beer bottles littering my kitchen...