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steve lawler in manchester, u.k.


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i just had to tell people about my first night in the uk. during the day i went to the local record stores to find a good party going on. i ended up at 'sankeys soap', and fuck did steve lawler rock the house. i'm not even into tribal house too much, but i had one of the best nights out. the people here are so friendly -- no attitude at all. in one night i managed to meet one of the dj's, get a picture taken of myself for one of the local magazines, and get invited to the after party. insane night. i'm hardly coherent right now.
the outside of the club looked interesting because the architecture here is so different, but once inside it was pretty much the same as ones in tdot. maybe not as dark. the crowd definitely new how to have a good time, but in a way seemed like older raver kids. (a lot of drugs and maybe induced friendliness) i'm not really complaining cause i still had a kickass time. well, i'm running outta time, so gotta stop rambling. hope i didn't bore you.

oh, and OMG redbull


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woman, you're only @ the beginning.....you've only been there for 3 days.....the best is yet to come......and as for the red bull - tastes better than REV doesn't it???

we miss ya here....party for ALL of us.....