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Steve Lawler in June?

OLM from HOM

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Seeing as he's the best DJ I've ever heard, I've been trying to keep tabs on when he's coming back to Toronto. Well, in mid-June, he's booked to play across Canada, with the last date being on a Saturday @ Aria in Montreal. However, the Friday prior has yet to be booked, and I'm wondering if there's a bidding war going on right now, between Breathe and Science, in trying to bring him in.

I liked seeing him @ Element Bar, and @ System, but I'm dying to see him in a big room like the Kool Haus or Guvernment. But if need be, I'll go to Montreal to check him out there.

Lawler is King.


Special K

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lawler FUCKING OWNS!!!

one of if not my favorite dj, i really dont care what club he plays in i just want to see him play in Toronto again soon...


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His two sets at element are truly legendary for me. Those who were fortunate enough to be there know how special they were. A true "house vibe".

Metal Morphosis

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yes - i feel very lucky to have had the chance to catch one of his sets at element (the May set).

his mixing is fucking seamless.
i loved every minute.

i can't believe almost a year has past and i've yet to see him spin again.


Special K

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Originally posted by Metal Morphosis
yes - i feel very lucky to have had the chance to catch one of his sets at element (the May set).

that was the first time I saw him...one of the best sets i have ever heard in my life...
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Technically one of the best DJ's out there hands down. Definitely better than any of those over hyped DJ's that regularly dissapoint when they play here. This guy is the shit. I'm down for a road trip to montreal if he doesn't come here but I doubt that'll happen.


Special K

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Originally posted by C-NiCE
I'm down for a road trip to montreal if he doesn't come here but I doubt that'll happen.

yea hell be in TO 100%

actually if i had a choice id probably like to see him in the basement of element bar again over any other venue (kool haus or system) but I HIGHLY doubt that will happen...!!!


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To hold you over with your Lawler fix....go check out djmixes2k


They have a killer lawler set up right now!

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Par- T

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I'm due for a hit of music a la Steve Lawler
- have yet to experience one of his sets, now how fair is that?

Bring him back!
Jay, next to it having the reminder on my calendar pop up on my screen to remind me that S&D is tomorrow, that's the best news I have heard today by far!!!!

Deep, dirty, sexy, tribal, prog, house sounds. No body does it like Lawler can. I had so much fun when I saw him in Toronto at System a while back, fucking insane!!!

I saw him in Spain on the Terrace at Space, where he is resident, and he was off the hook then as well.

That is going to be a pleasant pre-summer (friday night) treat. I also think the venue is great for him and his style be it guv or kool haus (I agree it is probably the kool haus).

We are indeed very lucky in this city with our 'scene'. We continuously, week after week, get great dj's coming in.



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although I loved his intimate sets @ element, I got to admit that I'm excited to see him in a bigger venue... interested to see what he will lay down for a bigger party/crowd...
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Special K

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this is the BEST DAY EVER!!! I get to see Sasha and Digweed tonight, and on top of that I found out Lawler is coming to Kool Haus in mid June!!!



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apparently i will be missing lawler yet again. ah well, clubbing england-style calls :) i'm sure i will get to see him SOMETIME. *sigh*


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Steve Lawler rocks my world.

Thank god I kept an open mind re: progressive, or else i would have missed out on this gem.
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Lawler will be doing 4 Jet to Ibiza dates.

For all of you in Toronto:

Gold club series
Jet to Ibiza

In association with SPACE IBIZA

Friday June 14, 2002 @ Guvernment nightclub

Steve Lawler
Satoshi Tomei

Ulysses (Space Ibiza resident)

Special K

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thats crazy!!!

I cant wait...the only thing that looks sucky about that party is that they prolly wont play for long, 2-3 hour sets at most...!!!
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