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Steve Lawler @ Element


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Sweeeeeeeeet! Lawler looked much more comfortable and rested this time around and it showed. Beautiful set that centered around Deep Progressive funky rhythms with a healthy dose of tribal in there(yeah!). Not as many people as I would have thought considering how good he really is but I guess that's Toronto for ya.

Another wikked nite, thanx guys!



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much respect to steve lawler for ending his set with the following

Kosheen - Hide U
Underworld - Dark and Long
God Within - Rain Cry <<<< so good to hear this in a club

great night.

Special K

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this was the first time i had seen him live...WOW...WOW...WOW!!! (got there around 12:45 to see Matt Coleridge finishing up his set, who i heard from others was on fire too!
incredible night, amazing music, amazing programming and seamless mixing!!!
fuck i cant wait till he comes back!
good job Breathe on ANOTHER amazing party!
songs of the night!
for me...gotta be Ubu - Pixels and UNDERWORLD - Dark and Long Train!!!!!
amazing amazing amazing is all i can say!
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Last night was awesome! Matt Coleridge played the perfect warm up set. I can't get enough of Depeche Mode's "Dream On". Way to work the CD player Matt! Lawler started off deep and vocally, and really got going half way through his set. The last hour of his set was slick! He dropped "Knights of the Jaguar", which got me jumping out of my seat. And the "I'll Be Your Element" remix was insane! Oh, and "God Within-Raincry"(thanks for the track ID Lynn) as the last track was destiny. Unreal! The sound in the top half of the room is amazing! But I gotta agree with fleaflo, the turnout was surprisingly small. Oh well, I'm sure the peeps who were there don't mind.

I love Element and all the hotties that work there

Big ups to the Breathe crew for another world class event!

Nesta---------->is glad he stayed 'til the end.


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wow...solid, solid set....too bad i missed the end, my friends were a bit burnt out so we decided to jet around 3:30...rrrrrats.


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It was a fantastic time

A nice small venue catering to a small tight musically knowledged crowd.
Steve's Tribal rythyms got my ass shakin properly!
Shout out to Borris (one R' or two R's?)
Catherine and Jessica.
It was a pleasure shakin my booty with you guys. Hope to do it again soon

Lookin foward to Steve's next installment.



what a wicked night!
Steve Lawler is the man. His set flowed perfectly, his mixes were seamless and his track selection was incredibal.
definately one of the best sets I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
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Oh yeah!
How could I totally forget.
Big thanx to you Mike for grabbin me the promo stuff
and for putting together a fabulous night!
Borris if you're reading this send me your E-mail address.
brando commando


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Nesta:
Last night was awesome! Matt Coleridge played the perfect warm up set. I can't get enough of Depeche Mode's "Dream On".

the dave clarke acoustic remix of it is cool too


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i am defintely booking some friday holidays in july...
glad to hear everyone had a wicked time & i was so close to coming...i ended up at eastern block one day this week during lunch & was really close to buying un billet, mais i had to miss it...

hope you all are having a great weekend & i may be able to swing by our little hangout this friday to say hello...



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Oooooooops! Coleridge dropped a sweet set. I love it so much when people slow down the tempo. Hard and funky...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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After finishing finals on Wednesday and getting myself back to this beautiful city on Thursday (did I fail to mention how much I love TO?), all I needed were the sweet sounds of Matt Coleridge and Steve Lawler. Much like the first nite of this, we all had an amazing time...



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I will hopefully be going to see Matt Coleridge at Cherry on Friday. What exactly does he spin? Didn't he used to post here? Well, if I see you Matt I'll come and introduce myself if you don't mind.



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I play a range of deep house through to mainroom-peaktime-prog. Really a little bit of everything. On Friday I'll probably play more peaktime material, leaving the deep house opening material at home.

Looking forward to it!


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Here's some pics from the nights festivities

Matt Coleridge opening

Matt Coleridge wondering "Who's this guy?"

Rick (gump8 ), ME, Nesta, and some other guy

Lisa (Metal Morphosis) and ME

Steve Lawler...well...we all know the damage he did to the place

Steve Lawler and myself
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OLM from HOM

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Wow, I happened to check this out with Special K and a few friends, definitely the best set I've ever heard. Matt Coleridge started things off perfectly, playing a nice opening set for Steve. I eventually got to meet Matt, and although he was enjoying himself, he mentioned how he found it hard to get comfortable in the booth there. From that point on, I was a little worried at how Steve was going to feel about his surroundings, but just like Matt, he played as if there was no problem whatsoever.

The music was incredible, every track was bangin hard, and it simply took over everyone, making us all dance! Not only that, almost every song that he played was a little different from the versions we're used to hearing, reason being they were mostly his own edits! Incredible ... the man takes a sweet song, and cuts out any of the cheesiness in that song, sometimes looping certain main elements to that song, enhancing it's sweetness by a million times! WOW WOW WOW ... I can't wait for Steve to come back, this time it will only be better. Respects to the Breathe crew, who somehow manage to bring in the best acts this city has ever seen.

My tracks of the night included:
Danny T - I'll Be Your Elements
Danny T - Turn Me On
God Within - Raincry
Kosheen - Hide U (What an incredible edit he did of this track!)