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Sterling Silver Jesus Cross *Bling Bling*


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I have for sale a new, never worn sterling silver crucifix pendant...its about 2"x1.5" and has some good weight to it...its solid, not cheap and hollow in the back like most of them are. as you can see from the picture its nice new and shiny and it comes in a black velvet like drawstring sack (that can be later used for other things :wink: ) I'm selling it because it was a gift and the person that got it for me must have forgot that I'm anti-religious so this piece of fine jewllery means nothing to me but I'm sure somebody else would be proud to wear it in support of their faith.

Lookin for $90 for this as its solid silver (yes the ones downtown are cheaper cuz they arent made like this)...make me an offer otherwise



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no, I never stood by this jesus guy...I'm just peddaling his wares...does somebody want this or not? I really dont wanna make this a debate and question people's beliefs etc.



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Ask your friend if they kept the receipt.

Take it back to Sam the Icon Man and ask for a refund:

"I'd like to return this cross for a refund. . ."

"And what is the reason for the return. . ."

"It doesn't fit. . . I'm not religious."

"I can't give you a refund but you could exchange it. . . we have a fine selection of gifts for nonbelievers. . . we have a special on Babylonian foreskins today - $2/lb. ..or maybe something in a ticket to Damnation?"