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Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman


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Ya but maybe the world is just moving on from you Rush, didja ever think about that?? haaha

Its a generational thing too
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Sadly the Stephen Colbert pundit character will likely be retired (hopefully popping up from time to time as a skit), but I'm sure he'll have plenty of material with the current U.S. Conservative landscape.

Boss Hog

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There's plenty of comedy fodder from the left as well. I think people forget that Colbert often made of of them... just not as much as the right. We'll probably just see more of a balance in the future.


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Colbert, who has hosted "The Colbert Report" since 2005 in the tongue-in-cheek character of a pompous political conservative, was quoted by Bill Carter of The New York Times as saying he would be appearing on CBS as himself, not his comic alter ego. Signing the quotable and often controversial Colbert, with his legion of "Colbert Nation" social media fans, clearly is a gain for CBS. But for fans of Colbert, and for Colbert himself, it's much more of a risk.
Opinion: Colbert is taking a big risk - CNN.com
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Honestly i can't think of many other variety show hosts who are more like Dave than Colbert. He's cheeky, irreverent and quick-witted, but also a bit naff, self-deprecating and dorky. Maybe i am underestimating the political side of his parody, but i can totally see Colbert pulling off most of Dave's absurd stunts and his deadpan schtick. Most other comedians don't have a knack for doing stupid shit with such gravitas.