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Stella Ella Ola...


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Re: Re: Stella Ella Ola...

Originally posted by PolishPrincess
"doh, i thought this thread was about me (Ola)
Everytime i meet someone knew and tell them my name..the first thing they ask is.."DO YOU KNOW THAT SONG...STELLA ELLA OLA"?

Good times indeed.....when i played that game in grade school and i lost i would get sooo upset "ITS ABOUT ME...I CANNOT BE OUT...I HAVE TO WIN THE GAME...ITS MY GAME"

Ahhhh Memories.........

this game was derrived from two hott s dot Ola's..
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my little sister has recently informed me that the words have been changed

according to those in grade 3 at john wanless p.s., stella now goes:

stella ella ola

*quack quack quack*

saaay yes chiko chiko

chiko chiko check

saaay yes chiko chiko

vello vello

the toilet overflowed

say 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!