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Steering Committee Meeting (may 30)


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I will be attending the Steering Committee Meeting with Emil this evening... (the meeting is sheduled for the same time as the Media Meeting) and aside from informing them of our group's progress... is there anything else anyone would like us to bring up?


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I'm sure you've already thought of this but please bring copies of all of the press releases as well as the pamphlet that was created. I know that I haven't seen finished copies of these and it would be great to show what we've done so far.


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Hey. The minutes from the Steering Committee will hopefully be posted tommorrow (Thursday) afternoon, but in the interm I will try to outline action items for our cell that were brought up, as well I will comment on the minutes as per what we learned at the Steering Committee meeting. Summer, Alex, and Garth were also in attendance, so if I missed anything or got something wrong outright, please add or correct (yah, I was kind of spaced during the meeting...)

--- (comments on Media Cell minutes, 5/30/00 - looks like you guys had a productive meeting!)

2. The PPP logo will be designed by a graphic artist to be approached by another cell; I honestly can't remember the details but another cell has taken on this responsibility.

4. Mark's media archiving was brought up, so hopefully other cells can aid in finding articles. As well, discussion centered around contacting non-Toronto sources, such as the DEMF organizers to get feedback/support.

7. To mobilize the forces, a general-broadcast announcement will be sent out at most once a day with pertinent information, including creative disruptions. A member of the communications cell has volunteered to consolidate all outgoing announcements each day. His e-mail address should be in the minutes tommorrow.

8. Our cell has been asked to help draw up template letters and form letters for such a tactic.

MAX: Which brochure? Creative Disruptions has a lead on free printing. What's the timeline?
MARK: You should have recieved an update via e-mail about the 2M4M forum. Creative Disruptions will be in attendance, and anyone else is encouraged to join in the fun. A poster-making party is tonight (Wednesday), 1900h at the Queen W community center.

** when is the next meeting? **

--- (media-specific notes from Steering Committee meeting)

** Several cells need our help in drafting pamphlets and literature and in keeping a consistant message throughout. Here is a quick list:

(allies) fliers and information directed at parents and allies; radio material
(lobbying) info kit for politicians
(finance) literature for prospective donators
(creative disruptions) community focused lit to distribute during disruptions
(lobbying) letter templates and form letters of support

** We need someone to volunteer as a contact person to direct inquiries about our cell, including a daily check in the forum

** The goals and long/mid/short-term plans we develop at each meeting should be e-mailed to partypeopleproject@mail.com by 4pm, Friday


Post any questions or concerns here or e-mail me. The official minutes will hopefully clarify some items. - E :)