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stats help.


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can someone help me out, this is drivng me mad, hopefully there are some stats wiz in here.

so i have this research done and i have to compare the data, i need analyze it using a 95% confidence interval for level of sigfinace.

The data is of different population groups within canada, i.e english canada vs. french canada at 25% and 75% in porportions.

so when i calculated the confidence interval between the responses within the language it's no problem, because i can just use to the confidence interval for that whole group.

my problem is when comapre english responses vs. french, since they have two different confidence intervals, do i do a point estimation between the samples and find a common confidence interval?

thanks in advance.
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I only scanned your question, but if I weren't neck deep in excel spreadsheets and formulae, I'd be totally willing to help ya.

Try SJN, he'll know for sure!


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are you confident your proportions are accurate?
or are your estimations skuing your samples...
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Is the population variance known? Are they assumed equal, probably unequal or dependent. I have a stats book here that has formulas for all of those cases for confidence intervals.

(D'Agostino, R., Sullivan, L.M., & Beiser, A.S. (2004). Introductory Applied Biostastics. California: Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning)
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