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what a wicked party.
I've never ever seen anyone do up the docks like they did tonight. the place looked fucking sick.
I was forced to leave early but out of the dj's I did see I liked it. Ian Ossia and orkidea were the only dj's I managed to see, and they both did a great job. Someone has to bring ossia back soon. the man's got skills. I found it a bit odd that he was put on so early, there was hardly anyone there for the first 2/3 of his. The main room did fill out nicely though.

anyway, wicked decorations, wicked dj's, somewhat older crowd equals one happy Evan.

I am surprised they didn't get a better turnout though. I guess that's Toronto for you.


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the violinist for orkidea was awesome.. totally unexpected

wicked decorations, awesome music.. more later, time for some sleep


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Never, ever has the docks looked that good. EVER! Entering the main room, the dj booth was actually set up in a circle in front of the stage, and the ceiling had white drops hanging from the ceiling, which gave the room a real intimate feeling...Armin was late, but when he did step up to the decks, the crowd went absolutely mental...I didn't see his entire, but of what I did see there was only a couple of tracks I recognized...everyone I talked to was having a really good time, and was thoroughly impressed with the party, decorations, etc...



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by bucky:
the violinist for orkidea was awesome.. totally unexpected

wicked decorations, awesome music.. more later, time for some sleep
Oops, forgot about that...yeah, I was talking to that guy for a bit before he went on, and he rocked!



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What a perfect night of SOLID tracks in ALL the rooms....I especially loved DJ Anodeny (spelling?)....MAN his shit was SO fuckin wicked....THe decor was trully awesome which just added to the vibe last night....I wished ALL the parties were like this...NO line up & tons of room to dance....I got a chance to meet Armin but for only a second or two but he's an awesome guy and I hope he pays Toronto another visit VERY soon....
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After a fairly crappy 3 weeks, I was quite looking forward to letting loose at the Sonic State party. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to recharge and refocus, to put things in perspective.

The tail end of Armin's set I liked, harder than his live sets from ID&T Radio in Europe typically are. Didn't pay too much attention to Orkidea and Ian Ossia's sets, unfortunately, was too busy talking to all the great people who were in attendance. Billy Nasty thumping out some hard assed techno in the back room was a welcome shift of pace. I was quite looking forward to hearing my boy Choko throw down in the lounge area but unfortunately his set was cut short. Another kickass turnout from Tribe - was good to put some faces to names I hadn't met yet as well as enjoy the company of the usual suspects.

Props to the Nick, Andre and the rest of the Sonic State crew. I've known Nick for a while and always know him to do everything in his power to try and make a perfect party in every aspect. Sonic State did not disappoint. Must have taken forever to dress up The Docks as it was, and although everyone may not have taken the time to appreciate the details of the decor, many of us do feel that it is just one example of how much effort this crew puts into making sure everything is as good as it can be.

Special thanks go to Chuck for being a true friend and there for me, Timo & Allison for being such gracious hosts (looked for you guys all night, where'd you run off to?), and to Malia for giving the best damned massage in the history of ever. Thank you so much. Feel renewed after everything, can't pay a much higher compliment than that.

Pictures soon to follow.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MC Bias:
the dj booth was actually set up in a circle in front of the stage</font>
that must've been absolutely brilliant

sounds like a great night was surely missed, but far from wasted


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hey guys, wow am i tired..just woke up. thank you all for coming, feel free to come and check out the after party at Element Bar tonight starting at 8pm. Ian Ossia, Orkidea and Billy Nasty will be performing, so come and check it out, we'll see you there! More later, tired now.



Willar X

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Ok, I got caught at a trance party!
I can't stand trance as many of you know but I went anyways, friends went so I decided I'd go aswell as to check out what Nick has done with the production.

Decorations were definitely up to par and the Docks has never looked that good in a while. Props for putting the effort into making that HUGE place feel different.

I won't comment on the music cuz I can't appreciate trance but I did catch Billy Nasty in the techno room and he definitely rocked it.. shame there wasnt alot of peeps there for his set in the other backroom.

Jayzer made my nite with his oldskool hip hop and electro set towards the end of the nite.

Anyways all in all, a certain someone made my nite ahaha.. she saved me from the trance!

I know ape and sloth had a good time tho.
and it was nice to see lots of peeps I hadn't seen in a while.



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Wow... what a great party, definitely a night I will remember for a long time. Much respect to Sonic State for going the extra mile to transform the docks into a warm & cozy venue. Little things like that do make a big difference. Expected a huge turn out for this, but that wasn't really the case. But that made for plenty of space to dance, which was great and made the night even more enjoyable.

Now on to the music... Ossia did a nice job getting things going, even though the place was pretty empty early in the night. Orkidea was up next, he threw down a great set and really got the crowd moving. Last, but definitely not least, was AVB. Playing a beautifully mixed set of classic and new trance, he took the crowd on an emotional ride that brought back the feelings of my first parties. Taking time to sign countless autographs throughout the night, and shake hands with everyone that asked, was a classy move and he gets my respect for that. SPACEMAN had posted that AVB is better than Tiesto and Corsten, and we would soon see that for ourselves. Well SPACEMAN, you were dead on... AVB is definitely on a level above those two, and he proved it last night.

Reading reviews of the party on tribe and other message boards, I'm surprised to see quite a lot of people left early and didn't get to hear AVB. Well, all I can say is that you guys should've stayed, you missed out!!

One last word to the guys at Sonic State... Thank you for putting your time and effort into making this a truly great party. I truly hope everything worked out for you guys (in terms of $$$) because I really look forward to hitting up your next party. Keep on bringing in talent like AVB, we love ya for it!
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Cheer Bear

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oh my god.

I can't really put into words what I felt last night, but I'll try my best.

When I walked into the Docks last night, I was fully prepared to have a great time. It was of course, my birthday party. Usually, I get tired & grumpy by the 3:00 and I want to go home.

Last night was different. I don't know what it was but I've never had that much fun at a party in a long time. I hate to say it without sounding overly cheesy, but last night made me proud of Toronto.

I looked at the decorations, and the effort Sonic State had put into this party, and I knew it would be an awesome night. It wasn't packed like Tiesto, the crowd was awesome, and of course...

I got to see ALOT of people I havn't seen in ages. (One guy I hadn't seen in over a year)

I spent the night with Kat & Tim(Lil'Timmy), Tim had graciously bought me the ticket as an early birthday present, and I can't thank him enough for taking me that night, and looking out for me. To kat, we've been everywhere together, and last night was no different. WEMF - "All I need to see is Armin, and then I can die a happy woman."

To everyone whose kind wishes, hugs, kisses and ass grabs
made my night - i thank you. You really made the night special for me. Sure it wasn't pudding wrestling, but it was one hell of a party.

I don't think I'll ever put down the party scene again.

I'll try to name a couple peeps, if I forgot, well, my mind is still a little blurry(but here's what I remember)

Toby - You know what I'll say but I was so happy to see you last night. I knew it was you when you found me, too.

Greg - my trance partner, my male model, and my friend. We always said we'd see Armin together, and we did it. And I'm happy we did.

James(Highsteppa) - You're one hell of a swell (hee hee i said swell) guy my friend. It was really nice seeing you again, as always. Nice ass btw.

The tribe boys - Dan, Rosey, Deep, hardtekfunk(YOUR FUCKING HOT - Why havn't I met you before?
) Lurch, all of you. It was a priviledge to be surrounded by such beautiful men

Cheer Bear

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cont...(yes I'm a big pussy)

Nubbie, Saint Pete, Lil'Pete, JayRev, MalGlo, Cri, Hillary, Steve, Saffron, Alex, Redout, AT-AT, Twitch, my husband Satori, Ian - EVERYONE I saw last night. Thanks for making it a good night. It's nice seeing everyone once and awhile.

To Sara, our gracious bartender, who rocked all night and loved every minute of it, Thank you.

And of course, Nick and Andre of Sonic State...I said it before, and I'll say it again. Perfect timing. Absolutely the best birthday I could've hoped for. Thank you.

I won't say anything about the sets, they were all perfect.

I got to see Armin finally, and It was just as good as I had dreamed of.

I hope to see some of you @ local invasion, the final chapter of my birthday week. We'll party it up - Toronto style.




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Thats alot of happy faces

Its now 7:00pm, and I just got back into London from sleeping at a friends house.

Last night was simply amazing. We got there fairly early, at like 10pm or so. Decorations brought back memories of this year's wintergalactic. So straight off I had a good feeling about the night :]

Orkidea threw down a lovely set, As did Billy Nasty.

I had fun



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Too Cool.
Chuck, it was a pleasure hearing you (at least until they shut the room down) To the several TBK I met, twas also a pleasure.

A very well thought out party, so the Sonic State heirarchy must be complimented and congratulated.

Good people. Good Party. Definetly needed.
Thanks to all I met.
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well. i don't like parties, but i have to say that this one was the first that i actually had a good time at. Actually, a BRILLIANT time. I was reminded of how good trance can be. great people, great music, great night. It was GOOOOOOOD


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Last night, about an hour before I left for the party, I posted in the roll call thread(yeah i know...a little late..hehe) that I was expecting this to be one of the best parties of the year. These expectations were fulfilled in every aspect.

Decorations: After the last Wintergalactic party, I knew the Sonic State crew would not disappoint in this department. It appears as though each detail was designed to promote a feeling of collective being and thought. The excellent use of semi-transparent white fabric and black lighting lowered the ceiling, creating a more intimate atmosphere. The centre stage brought the talent closer to the crowd, and generally served to make the crowd go absolutely apeshit. Good stuff.

Talent: I jumped back and forth between the three rooms, and I hadn't reviewed the set times before I left, so for the majority of the time, I was unaware of who was playing and when. I'd like to read a good detailed review of Billy Nasty's set, as my feet were locked in the main room during AVB's set. There are a few acts that I can comment on though:

The violinist- I had the fortunate opportunity to catch this guy in action at the IDance thank-you party at Madbar a little while back. This man has a hell of a lot of energy, and a hell of a lot of talent. I think what I like most about how he plays is that he seamlessly switches from harder to more melodic violin "rifs", while reading the crowd for emotion and energy levels. He brings you up, and then evens you out.

Hibernate: It was great to finally catch this crew live! It began hard and pounding, and progressed into a more melodic groove. I loved it. A special mention to our very own DJ Otis who was workin' the knobs(hahaha). It was great to finally see him in action as well.

Armin Van Buren: The hype around this guy is warranted. I think that if Armin and Tiesto were to alternate weekend residencies at Kool Haus and Sonic State parties, I'd be 30 pounds lighter, and ready to win the Boston Marathon. I hardly stopped dancing for the entire 3 hours. Armin can certainly read a crowd, and he dropped the soothing melodic tracks in all the right places. I'm trying for the life of me to remember what the encore track he played was called. Its easily one of my favorite new tracks, and I first heard it as "track 12" on Tiesto's Summer Breeze cd. Absolutely Fucking Phenomenal.

The People: Wow, what a subcultural mosaic! All types under one roof with great collective energy. Everyone seemed to be having a great time! There were plenty of familiar faces, both old and new. It was great to see some of the TBK I haven't seen in awhile and to meet a few new ones as well! Happy Birthday STACE!!

Special Shoutouts go out to the boys(next weekend, its all over, be ready!), Deep, Malia and Heather, T&A(lol), Toby, Adam, Rosey, Stacey, Finch, Rob and Adrian, Anna and Voytek, Steve the crappy raver, Laura(thanks for the 2 hour dance girl..hehe) and the rest of the crew. You all make partying a beautiful escape from the melancholy world of the five day work week. Thank-you.



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Total and utter satisfaction!

This was a great party. For all the reasons that I love parties. Good amount of people, great decor, fucking wicked music. And Vibe!

My spirit has been lifted.



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hey all...

this party was all I expected and more. I was all over this party and tried to catch as much as i could from everything. but mainly ended up spendin most of the night in the main room.

ian ossia... first time i heard him, and his set was amazing.

orkidea... heard him at wintergalactic and once again, he tore it up

armin... blew away the crowd! what a wikkid set.

for those who were there early to catch it... peter nomad's set was sick as well. all around, from room to room, the music and vibe was jus great. everyone was really appreciative of the effort put into decorations... and the dj stage on the floor!

the turnout could have been better, but with all the other events on the same night... it was expected. Hopefully the parties had as good a vibe and all had wikkid time this past weekend.

sonic state... thank you for an amazing night

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Well i finally have enough energy to post about the party. I had a long day Saturday, as you can imagine being at the Docks helping the Sonic State crew decorate the place. The time i had was truely amazing, just being in a place where beautiful music, beautiful people, gorgeous decorations, and being around all my friends made my nite memorable. Spending 7 hours dressing the Docks up was so worth it; i think it created an atmosphere that truly captured the hearts of many. Everyone i spoke to had an amazing night. The night went quite smoothly and all the sets that i heard were off the hook. As much as i love Armin's music, i have to say my favourite set of the night had to be Orkidea's. His music is simply beautiful. I only wish i could see more of his performances.

Meeting all the tribers and friends that i hardly see anymore was an absolute delight. Thanks to all my close friends that were there, i forget how i miss partying with all of you together. I thank you STATE for uniting so many people that i care about.
Serenity Crew, wow, you guys actually come out??
Great to see all of you there. (I didn't catch Brad tho)

A final thanks to Nick & Andre, everyone in the Sonic State family, and decorating crew to a fabalous night. Until next time...god bless.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by HoojChoon:
I had a good time, liked the set, but he was lATE!

Other then that can you say MASSIVE GINO SAUSAGE FEST!
They're cute like that though!



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Exellent should sum up this party right.. and thats all it was ! ! !
From the ceilling to the floor and everything in between.
The decor was amazing, this is a good example of what it should be like.
The people where all having a great time and i even caught a couple security guys dancing
Tunes where rocking the place, props up to all the DJ'S and Promoters who made this night possible.

Adam Duke

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Stellar job, Sonic crew.
Fantastic decor - it was so nice to go out to an event again where the company put the time and effort into the decorations!
Music - although i only really went to see 2 dj's (one who didn't show - BOOO, Monika!
), I still had a fantastic time. I wish there was more support for the back room, Anodine killed it a bit(he was too hard for the timeslot) and Billy Nasty had problems with the needles unfortunatly. As for AVB, well,...it must be hard work letting every track ride for 6 minutes while you sign autographs...sheesh.
People - you ALL made my night! There's too many of you to mention and my ass is still tender from all the grabbing.

It was great to party with my brother again, too!

tech care,

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