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Starve The Beast


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Yesterday, in testimony before Congress, Fed Governor Greenspan said that the US is under a crushing fiscal deficit and unless its remedied very quickly it could have long-lasting effects on the standard of living for Americans. THEN, he said to remedy the situation, the government should look at reducing the health benefits and retirement benefits promised to aging baby-boomers. He strongly recommended that Congress NOT roll back the tax cuts which have, in fact, caused the deficit.

OMFG, it makes me want to throw up. Don't these fucking Americans see whats going on? Bush cuts taxes by $250 billion in such a way that most of the benefits go to the shareholder-class or upper-income Americans. These folks probably will not be relying on medicare and old-age pension. To pay for the tax cut, which has now caused a fiscal crisis, they look to cut benefits to the neediest people? Is this for fucking real?

I read a long piece by Paul Krugman in Harpers a few months ago about "starving the government," and I can't believe how dead on he was. Raising taxes is damn near politically impossible, so once the tax base is eroded (and the governmetn is starved), the only option left is to slash spending, regardless of what party gets in to power next. Same shit is going on in Ontario, with the liberals unable raise significant additional revenues.
In another related story, sales of luxury goods are soaring with Tiffany and Co, LVMH and Richmount all reporting excellent numbers.:rolleyes:
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The thing is that we're a bunch of crabs. All trying to make it to the top though a few of us have come to the conclusion that that stuggle is pointless.

If only we could get those other crabs to be content with being bottom dwellers, all would be well.

It is a strange world we live in.

I find it difficult to restrain a laugh each day I ride the TTC to work. People rushing about, crammed into crowded pens, and don't even have a real firm idea why they are in these pens or why they are rushing about. Talk about mad cows.