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Starsky and Hutch

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I love starsky and hutch ... the tv show.

I'll see the movie, and it will probably be enjoyable, but I think it would've been cooler had they not strayed from the original feel of the show so much ... Ben Stiller's style of comedy doesn't quite suit the tv show ... although the casting O think is still pretty good.


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the movie was ok, it had its funny moments.

I particularly liked Will Farrell's cameo (although its a shtick he's done before, it is still funny) as well as Vince Vaughn as the bad guy.
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Wow, what a fucking load of crap.
I have nothing to say except that Snoop is the coolest mothafucka and that Ben Stiller really needs to die or something.


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Ben Stiller was so annoying...Owen Wilson picked up alot of the slack though
only time i was laughing from Stiller was with the big salt and pepper perm going "do it." ROFL

edit: Will Ferrel was funny (as usual), and Snoop owns all.