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Stark Raving Mad

Hi i'm God

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Any one seen this before? It's out on video this week Imma go rent it tonight.


Seann William Scott, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dave Foley, Timm Sharp, Patrick Breen

In the spirit of LOCK, STOCK, & TWO SMOKING BARRELS comes this comedy heist film detailing the efforts of Ben (Sean William Scott) to pay off a debt that his late brother owes Gregory, a local crime boss (Lou Diamond Phillips). In order to pay off the debt, he and his knuckleheaded friends decide to stage a rave next to a bank vault containing a priceless statue. Once the noise from the makeshift club is underway, they will cut through the wall, obtain the statue, and use it to pay Gregory off. Unfortunately, a wealth of obstacles--ranging from club owners, FBI agents, and randy underage girls--stand in the way of their goal.

I think this is the first movie where Digweed was in charge of the movie. I wants to be a movie composer now :p


"A Better Place"
Written by DJ Tasmin & Monk
Performed by DJ Tasmin & Monk
Courtesy of Aura Surround Sound Ltd.
Mo's Music Machine

"Master and Slave"
Written by Pat Jam
Performed by Pat Jam
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"How's Your Evening So Far"
Written by Josh Wink / Marvin Burns
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"Another Sayonara"
Written by Lance Crow
Performed by Cheng One-Eyes
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Written by Matthew K. Turner / Michael J. Strathdee
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Written by Robin Fitter
Performed by Fitalic
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"Children of the Sun"
Written by Phil Thompson
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Written by Luke Brancaccio / Bruce Aisher
Performed by White Room
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"Me Myself"
Written by M. Shiomi
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"Lose Control"
Written by H. Lemon
Performed by Lemon 8
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"Purple Zone"
Written by Frederick Borgesius
Performed by Pako & Fredrick
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"Beautiful Strange"
Written by John Digweed / Dick Muir
Performed by Bedrock
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"Rumble Fish"
Written by Tony Papadopoulos
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"Locked On"
Written by Nuddles
Performed by Nuddles
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"Apollo Vibe"
Written by Pole Folder
Performed by Pole Folder & CP
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Written by Robin Fitter
Performed by Fitalic
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"White Island"
Written by Luke Fair
Performed by Luke Fair
Courtesy of Bedrock Music Ltd.

"Time Travel"
Written by Justin Scott Dixon
Performed by Voyager
Courtesy of Cosmic Records

"Walking on Fire"
Written by Jonathan Sutton / Barry Jamieson / Jayn Hanna
Performed by Evolution Featuring Jayn Hanna
Courtesy of Bedrock Music Ltd.
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i rented it thursday.... i liked how sean william scott played the badass character...

I didn't expect much from the movie but actually enjoyed it :)

seein the dude from kids in teh hall as the undercover fbi agent in there was a surprise as well!

oh and that was one huge dildo :)
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The soundtrack really stands out in this (being a Bedrock/Digweed fan kinda makes me biased on this), but I actually really liked this for the fact that Sean William Scott is playing a slightly different role here. He's not the dumb assed, painfully obnoxious Stifler, and I never was reminded of the role for one second. It's a pretty well done film and a nice change of pace for Scott. He's much more likeable in this than in Bulletproof Monk.

Hi i'm God

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LOL! I'm so conflicted! I was high so the storyline was really good but there is such a made for TV movie quaility to it. I think i'll add it to the collection anyway.

How was BR2? I doubt blockbuster has a copy.
BR2 I'm watching tonight. I'll have an update.

It's a slick movie with a tired storyline. The heist where everything goes wrong has pretty much been done to death since Reservoir Dogs. I like the National Geographic tangent they keep introducing and like I said, Sean William Scott demonstrates some actual charisma and could probably be a pretty decent action lead (as he proved in The Rundown).

But what the fuck was up with the casting? David Foley from Kids in the Hall as an FBI agent? Lou Diamond Phillips trying to be taken seriously?

It's not a great film, and certainly isn't an owner by any means, but I still found there was a strange charm to it.
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