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Star Wars : The Force Awakens


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I don't think Star Wars is going to surpass Avatar.

Avatar did not see a week over week drop in revenue over 40% in its first 11 weeks, and most weeks in that period the drop was below 30% (or went up even in some weeks).

Star Wars is already at the >50% drop week over week for the last two weeks in a row.....
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It already got knocked off #1 this past weekend.

You would've thought it would've been by The Revenant but no... Ride Along 2!


DJ Vuvu Zela

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It still has a chance. It's already broken Avatar's domestic Box-office record so comparing north american week-week drop offs doesn't really make sense. It doesn't have to finish #1 every week. I think it will still be in the best theatres (imax & ultraAVX) in north america for another month at least (next big action film seems to be Deadpool in feb). It just has to perform reasonably well here for the remainder of it's run.

It's almost @ $2B worldwide. The big question is how much longevity will it's run have in the asian markets. Another $1B worldwide is not out of the question.
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After watching Jurassic World a couple of weeks ago, I think everyone made the right decision.

I mean it was okay but I think that people were struck more by the mood and darker tone of it, than the actual craftmanship of the director, which didn't wow me. I enjoyed it, but to be given the keys to the Star Wars finale is a bit of a leap.

Klubmasta Will

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I picked up a bunch of tickets last night to the opening Scotiabank IMAX showings of The Last Jedi. We have tickets to the Thurs, Dec. 14 @ 10:40pm IMAX 3D showing, and tickets to the Sun, Dec. 17 @ 4:10pm IMAX 2D showing.

Note that they are showing it in IMAX 2D as well, in limited viewings, for those (like me) that want to see it on the IMAX screen but hate the 3D glasses.

Lots of excited rumblings about the new trailer, which I have avoided and will not watch. I am doing my best to go in "fresh"!