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Star Wars : The Force Awakens


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Nostalgic. That's how I felt watching the movie. I have seen all of the episodes except for 1 and 2 though...

I was 5 years old when Episode 4 came out. I remember as a kid my father would "rent" a VHS machine and we'd watch Star Wars on a top loading VHS machine and eat pizza.

The movie was good. Not mindblowingly incredible... just a feel good movie.
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I saw this with my gf last night.

It has the classic wooden acting and crapping dialogue of any star wars movie and what seemed to be the exact same plot as Empire Strikes back except with the scenes in a different order. Darth Vader is skinny in this one and called something else. I was waiting for Ewoks to be dropping out of the trees in the final forest scene, but thankfully, that never happened.

For the kind of money they are making off this shlock franchise you would think this movie would have been a million times better, or at a minimum, be different than the previous movies.

I have a sense that all future Star Wars movies, and there'll probably be at least 5 or 6 dozen, will have exactly the same plot and special effects sequences, but have slightly different named characters to guarantee an endless variety of action figures and marketing crap.


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I think Ray is Luke's daughter, because there was this one trailer teaser for Star Wars where Luke's voiceover says something along the lines of, my father was strong in the force, I am, and now you are too. Now, that doesn't appear anyhere in the film and Luke doesn't say a word in the film, but it was so clearly Luke's voiceover and there isn't anyone else to whom this could apply.


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Yep it was *ok*. Not quite a good movie but not bad either. I like watching the girl jedi I hope she turns bad, but of course she won't. Man the dialogue just sucks. Watching Ford and Leia talk about why they sent the bad kid away, seriously, just watching the dollar signs in their eyes. And yeah there is a new character to the saga, a discovery, an escape, and a growing realization that they are destined for something more. So yeah it's the same movie. But weren't all the rockys the same?

The big deal for me is that the bad jedi doesn't seem like the badass that vadar was, so yeah definitely you want to take on the bad guys whatever they're called this time around. And the big bad buy is a hologram so who know's who behind the curtains! Definitely need to work on that evilness bit.
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Personally, I want Rey to be Luke's daughter rather than Han/Leia's kid, even though Leia has just as much of Anakin's bloodline as Luke. This is the easiest resolution for the franchise since I always assumed the 9 episodes story arc of SW was about the Skywalker family saga first and foremost.

At the moment there are other fan theories going around. Here is one of the more popular theories.


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The real question...

While everyone speculates that Rey is Luke's daughter, this beg's the question of who is Rey's mother? Rey was using The Force well despite no Jedi training, which never happens. Luke had to train on Dagoba for a long time.

I think Rey's mom is a hell-ass Jedi, and any progeny with Luke will become a sort of ultra Jedi.
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rave jedi

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Interesting theory I just read out on the net.

Rey is Anikan re-incarnated.....

Way too many fan theories like an episode of "Lost" (my favorite TV show of all time) who J.J. Abrams was always one of the co-creators for the series.

Anyway, if Rey has to be an incarnation of somebody we knew, it would simply be cooler if she was that of Obi-Wan Kenobi. George Lucas left too many loose ends, but in the prequel trilogy he promised he'd resolve things using the famous line from Episode 4 “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” when Kenobi dies.

George Lucas broke his promise and did not resolve anything in reference to that line. I'm hoping maybe it's being resolved in this way in this new trilogy.

Bottom line, as I stated in an earlier post I'd still prefer Rey to be Luke's daughter. Why? As a young kid Luke was always my favorite character in the original trilogy, yet when I became a teenager we always made fun of Luke for still being a virgin and Han Solo was the stud muffin. At least if Luke was able to father a child with a woman, there is hope for us nerds to learn that Luke finally lost his virginity a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...:D
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What did I just watch? lol.

Seriously, did that really just happen?

I guess I wasn't aware it was a remake going in. Well I enjoyed it for what it was, and which I guess it was intended to be. A throwback reunion for all the oldtimers. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that they straight copied every single bit of the movie from the previous Star Wars.

Hollywood is done like dinner. The shark is on so much steroids it's jumped right out of the ocean. I mean Gremlins remake and I just heard about Point Break. LOL. WTF!?


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I liked it but didn't love it.

Loved Rey and Finn though, moreso Rey. Thought Kylo Ren was good too and looking forward to see how his character develops (@KyloR3n is awesome!) The scenes on Jakka were great as were the battle scenes.

Hated the death planet. Totally formulaic and really? A planet constructed to suck energy out of a star then send a beam of energy across the galaxy to destroy a hapless Republic? Then the rebels send in someone to take down the shields so they can attack a weak point? Worst.

Thought the scene where Han Solo gets the Falcon (which somehow escaped the Star Destroyer over Jakka) was poorly written and executed.

Based on the Star Trek reboots (which suck), JJ knows how to make a pretty movie but some his plot devices are so full of holes and ridiculous science (even by science fiction standards).

Better than the prequels but definitely not better than Episode 4 or 5.
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Interesting theory out there on the identity of Snoke.

Some are speculating it is Dart Plagueis.

The most interesting thing that gives this theory some credibility is that the musical score that plays during Snoke's scenes is the same as what played when Palpatine was telling Anakin the story of Darth Plagueis in Ep. III.

rave jedi

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Interesting article on how these Bothan spies were able to steal from under J.J. Abrams' nose and give the fans these spoilers from its sources.

How Most Of Star Wars' Biggest Spoilers Actually Leaked - CINEMABLEND

"Once, I was buying something at [a coffee shop], and I said, ‘Okay, I need to know if Rey is a Solo,’ and they wouldn’t tell me. So I was like, ‘If she is, get me an espresso shot.’ They’d laugh—but when they came back, I knew Rey wasn’t a Solo."

Of course SW diehard fans should always take all spoilers we've encountered with a grain of salt. ;)
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I enjoyed it for the most part - it does feel a bit more like a reboot and Disney paying lip service to the fan base in order to secure their 4 billion dollar investment for the future and put any worries to rest.

Some interesting character motives - Finn being a bit of a coward and doing whatever he can to get out of the way of the First Order. Rey being a gender swapped version of Luke Skywalker for the most part, with a bit more of a class issue, where Luke might be seen as "middle class" by comparison. Adam Driver being an interesting archetype of Vader but with a fair bit of insecurity and daddy issues. And Poe who feels like a bit of the pilot side of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker or even Biggs - he's the character that I really hope they flesh out more in the next installments, as Oscar Isaac is a tremendously talented actor. Seems a bit of a waste that he's a bit of a MacGuffin carrying plot device that shows up to save the day. He had good chemistry with Finn - I hope they expand on that. Domhall Gleeson was fun as the weaselly Tarkin type who's in a bit of what seems to be a power struggle with Kylo Ren. All promising characters that hopefully get fleshed out and developed with the future installments. There's even a nice little nod to Yoda with the Maz character's inclusion.

And while the story feels very familiar to Episode IV, it still works and the mixing up of the character archetypes make it feel a lot more fresh than it should. I think a bit of credit goes to JJ Abrams bringing some really great visuals and some very memorable shots to the whole affair (the Millennium Falcon chase on Jakku, the Tie Fighter shot of them coming towards the camera, backlit by the sun). The aliens chasing Solo and the people who he swindled (including two cast members from The Raid!) around the ship seemed a bit unnecessary, but didn't detract from the movie overall.

Loved the last shot of the film - very powerful. They smartly left a lot of questions on what's next in the follow up film (will Finn recover, Rey taking on Jedi training, how will Luke figure back into the fight against the First Order) to bait us into wanting to see where this next trilogy goes. It was a fan pleasing, greatest hits type movie that played all the notes that would keep the base happy and help secure interest in the future films. I quite enjoyed it for the nostalgia aspect, even if overall I felt like I saw a lot of this before.

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Well how can he roll if the rope is taught enough to pull him? Plus he appeared behind Rey in the forest just moments after. It would take that heavy ball a bit longer than that to magically pull himself up what looked like a long stone staircase.

Movie is totally implausible.
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