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Star Wars : The Force Awakens


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For now lets put everything about this movie alone in here so as not to spoil it for others.

Perhaps down the line we can combine the two.

- Fox
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Got yer back Will

rave jedi

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Instead of catching up and watching the 6 previous SW movies, think I'm definitely going to watch the full coverage of last night's world premiere before my first screening on Thursday night.

Just the celebrity pics makes it look bigger than the Oscars. the hype is so real!

BTW, new celebrity brush Daisy Ridley. :D


Here it is:

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Klubmasta Will

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^ I was just coming to post that.

97% on Rotten Tomatoes! I was hoping the reviews would be good, but was not expecting them to be *this* good. Not even The Empire Strikes Back (which was the previous highest rated Star Wars flick) was this positive.

Nuff said. I am not reading any reviews (I just looked at the percentage) and I am avoiding all trailers. I am also avoiding all fan rumours/speculation and will shoot anyone that spoils any surprises. See you all back in this thread tomorrow night. I am avoiding this thread until then.

One more sleep!

rave jedi

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Don't worry no spoilers coming from me or even a review. I'm simply posting for bragging rights! :D

Wednesday night the stars were really aligned for me. It actually started in the afternoon past 3:30pm when I got a surprising text from an old friend. Another SW diehard buddy whom I've shared at least 20 years of watching these SW movies together. Anyway, his text tells me to meet him ASAP at the Scotiabank Theatre because he was watching CP24 news channel and free "rush tickets" were being given out to the public starting at 5pm. Long story short, I met my friend in the line and a pair of reserved tickets were given to us at 6:30pm after the VIP and "special' people were admitted first for the advanced screening which was the Canadian premiere at 7pm.

It was not shown in the IMAX theatre for us, but rather the premium UltraAVX theatre in 3D which is Cinema #2.

As I reflected in the line up this afternoon, I forgot that a SW line up was my old tradition and making friends with strangers was a big part of the essence of Star Wars universe in my DNA. In this frigid weather I thought to myself, I wouldn't have it any other way. All my other viewings starting on Thursday I have advanced reserved seating. No need to line up. However, just like the fans at Hollywood's Chinese Theatre lining up was what fans really wanted to do as well as get dressed up.

My OCD kicked in when tickets went on sale 2 months ago. I have 5 more screenings during the holidays with friends and family for multiple viewings. LOL

Thursday 2 screenings, 1) at Scarborough Town Centre in the UltraAVX theatre with Dolby Atmos sound 2) my first laser 3D IMAX viewing at the Scotiabank at 2am (technically) Friday.

3) Friday afternoon screening at Queensway Cinema #1 the UltraAVX Dolby Atmos theatre.

4) Saturday matinee, second laser 3D IMAX screening at Scotiabank again.

5) Tuesday (22nd) cheap Tuesday screening, visiting my friend in Niagara Falls for another UltraAVX Dolby Atmos theatre.

Oh, the movie was really fucking badass that is why I have no regrets spending extra money and seeing it 5 more times after my first Wednesday night screening. I'll have seen this movie 6 times before Christmas. LOL
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Klubmasta Will

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I loved this movie. It was different than I had expected, and I think better than I had expected.

The new buddy trio - Rey, Finn and Poe (although strangely Rey and Poe never meet) - are outstanding. I love Poe's swagger and Finn's bumbling but earnest heroism. The scene where Rey finds him unconscious and he wakes up to ask "Are you okay?" is priceless.

Daisy Ridley is outstanding in this. She brings great emotion and soul to her role and it was amazing to discover that the force runs strong in her. It is unclear whether she will end up being related to any of the previous characters. I hope not, but we saw in a flashback that she was separated from her parents and she had a homemade doll of a rebel pilot in her abandoned AT-AT home. An obvious guess is that she's Luke's kid, but Jedi are not supposed to mate. There seems to be some connection between Rey and Kylo Ren, which in this universe often means a blood relation.

Kylo Ren is an excellent villain. I love that he is not immediately all-powerful and sure of himself. It would have been easy to create a new Darth Vader like character, but instead - surprisingly and I think ultimately wisely - they chose to go a very different route, showing instead the struggle within Kylo Ren. His ragged lightsaber and violent temper - almost the opposite of Vader's calm menace - made for a more complex villain than we have seen before in this universe. I think everyone saw Han Solo's death coming when he walked onto the bridge to confront his son (Ben!), but it was nicely done.

This was a great send-off for Han Solo. Leia was much better than expected. Chewbacca, C3PO and R2D2 were all wonderful. But the stars of this movie were the newbies.

The "Starkiller Base" - another spherical evil space station that can be destroyed by a small group of rebel/resistance pilots once the shield generator is knocked out - is essentially just another Death Star. They didn't even try to change the name much. Hopefully, there will be no more spherical space stations to destroy in the new movies.

Now that the torch has been passed from the original characters to the new, I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here. We have yet to really see the big bad. Like the Emperor in A NEW HOPE and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, we see very little of Supreme Leader Snoke in this first film, but it is obvious that he is dangerous (and perhaps the size of a house). It will be interesting to see how he wields the force.

BB8 rocks.

The final scene where Rey finds Old Master Luke is one of the most glorious moments in the series.

I think it is amazing that this new Star Wars film - which features no Jedi and no skilled lightsaber battle - may well be the best Star Wars film yet.


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It makes sense now - no spoilers - that Harrison Ford was enthusiastic about the press tour for this film.


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I am going to wait until the crowds clear before I see this. Spoilers about Star Wars don't matter to me, considering I already know that it has a 99.9% chance of having a happy ending, and a 100% chance there will be hooks at the end of the movie for another 6 or 12 future Star Wars movies.
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Just saw it. I'll leave it to others to provide more detail but I'll say this much:

IT'S AMAZING! Everything you'd want it to be. Enjoy!


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Saw it this morning and it was amazing! We ended up going with work as they rented out an entire auditorium at the theatre for us but I'll be going back to watch it again with the kids. This movie hit all the right notes for me and personally I wasn't looking for any flaws in it. I took it for what it presented and it did not disappoint. There was just the right amount of comedy and seriousness which made you feel like a kid again. Well done.



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They did a great job designing Kylo Ren. The whole outfit and mask and obviously the lightsaber is totally badass. The sound department did a fantastic job on his lightsabers sound. It shook my whole chest and gave me goosebumps


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I'm the only person who didn't really enjoy it much?
Imagine Disney made a Star Wars movie that relied entirely on nostalgic value. That's what this movie is.
Absolutely nothing new. It's basically a remake of a new hope.
Villain is just a big lame spoiled brat.
Looked and sounded amazing in imax though.
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• Finn and Rey's banter felt really natural and cute, I really enjoyed their relationship
• BB8 wasn't overly cute or annoying
• Excessive muppets over CGI
• Rey's environmental shock going to another planet, Luke totes did not have that

• Lupita Wyong'o's space pirate is not a space pirate if she only owns a bar, also was very close to a "magical negro" concept that looked like a persimmon with eyes.
• Carrie Fisher's dentures need a tightening, something was really off with her voice. Ug, time, why do you progress?
• Max von Sydow, Hux and Phasma were underused
• the big weapon was an underwhelming threat
• the JJ Abrams-style aliens on Hans ship. We get it. We get it.

Initial reaction coming out of the theatre: 10/10 would bang

Morning after? 7/10, probably see again in theatres but after the fanboy nerds stop clapping at every appearance of the original cast.


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good times last night. 3D was bad ass, and I agree when Kylo Ren pulled out his light saber my whole body shook. The old Millennium Falcon takes a shit kicking in the film too. It far from junk.


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I enjoyed it very much...the 3D was fantastic.

really liked all the new characters, hopefully Phasma will be more badass in the next one. lots to debate over the next 2 years!
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