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Stakka & Skynet ????

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by --[Zirca]--, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. --[Zirca]--

    --[Zirca]-- TRIBE Promoter

    SO how was the last (Syrous) Jungle night at Turbo? Did they go out with a bang or did it lick ass?????
  2. fleaflo

    fleaflo TRIBE Member

    big crowd and some sweet music coming out of the speakers. Could I tell you whether or not Stakky & Skynet were on? Nope but I loved the music that was on was playing.

    More jungle events for me pleeze!
  3. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    Uh oh, Flea's coming over to the dark side.
    Wish I could have been there, but I'm sick and have nuff work to do. Damn.
  4. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    i had fun... the music was pretty good.

    people on the whole were really freakin' rude, but i am just not used to it.

    i had a big crew of almost all my favourite people in this city with me, so i couldn't go wrong.

    and i heard a couple tunes i knew, which was fun too.

    BB <--- not a jungle aficionado
  5. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    i like the sound of that.
  6. fuzzy

    fuzzy TRIBE Member

    Best Night I've had at Turbo
    Nuff Said

  7. kate

    kate TRIBE Member

    Last night was the perfect way to end the last year and a bit I've spent working at turbo. It was busy, the music was great, and the people were the best. As much as people may have complained to the bitter end about Turbo, I can say without hesitation that it has been the place where I have some of my fondest party memories for the past year.

    I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did...and we'll see everyone out for Syrous sessions in a new location starting December 21st! Thanks to Tyler, Matt, all the Bartenders, and all the regulars who made it such a great night!

  8. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    MAD respect to the Asian bartender with the long hair. He is ALWAYS classy, considerate and really nice to everyone no matter how drunkenly stupid.

    Too bad I couldn't say the same about the rest of the RuDEBuOYS in the muthafuckin' house. lol. Anyway... Why are people so fucking rude? I mean, you hit someone, you say "I'm sorry" and that's it. You don't trample them even more and give them a dirty look for being in your way.

    A bunch of real assholes (not just guys, ESPECIALLY the chicks with real attitudes) all over the place last night who just stood in a bored disposition and walked around like they were constantly looking for something.

    The music was sweet though. I have JUST gotten into listening for mixes and I have to say that there were a couple of real nasty fuck-ups but the track selection made up for it.

    Now I understand what beer is for: it drowns one into a drunken oblivion so that the screaming MC's are but a distant whisper. [​IMG]

    Thank you Syrous for filling up my Fridays up with jungle. Good thing too or I would probably be at System on a Friday. *shiver*

    Nice to see all the lovely people out. Cannot believe 416 and his girl were actually out at Turbo! It was worth it for that. And of course, Janie's birthday. Hope you had a wicked one.

    For the record (Air-bag is shocked as well): Chickpea and Girl Friday at Turbo. Dancing their asses off to jungle. I LOVE IT! [​IMG]
  9. kul-kat

    kul-kat TRIBE Member

    he's my favourite too. [​IMG]
  10. louie

    louie TRIBE Member

    Good way to say bye to Turbo,

    I will miss that club, so many good memories, and went out with a bang on Friday.
    Music was awesome, so hard and dark, haven't heard a set sounding that dark in a long time. Got really drunk with all the boys and maximum vibes inside.......

  11. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    FOR REAL! that is a shocker!
  12. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    trying to pick up over the message board sunny? [​IMG]

  13. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    that dude comes into my work, and yes, he is a really decent guy
  14. girl friday

    girl friday TRIBE Member

    For the record (Air-bag is shocked as well): Chickpea and Girl Friday at Turbo. Dancing their asses off to jungle. I LOVE IT! [​IMG][/B][/QUOTE]

    We do it all [​IMG]

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