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Stadium Arcadium--Red Hot Chili Peppers new album!!!

rave jedi

TRIBE Member
I can't wait for this baby to be released. It will be their double album released on May 9, 2006. I love this band because they bring me back to the funky old days of being young in the early 90's.

I'm so hyped that I'm listening to the concert at work right now. RHCP's just played for BBC Radio 1 in London on Good Friday April 14th. If you have a cool boss like mine you may want to tune into BBC Radio 1 right now for the awesome concert! It just started so you've got another hour plus! :)
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The new video is funny, but I wish they could re-capture that majik they had up until One Hot Minute... I saw the "Breaking The Girl" video the other day, and was blown away by how fucking genious they were back then (the pipe-percussion solo in the middle)... Now they just write limp radio-pop tunes... Maybe I am wrong and the new album will be good. I doubt it though.
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They definitely peaked at Mother's Milk, I liked BSSM quite a bit at the time but it doesn't do it as much for me now. Wait and see I guess :)
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I read Anthony's book "Scar Tissue".....whoa......!!!!!

I like the Peppers....and as a bass player myself...I love Flea......

Let's see what happens.....and I KNOW they will hit the T.Dot. for a concert. Anthony mentions closing down Toronto streets back in the day.


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mitsuko souma said:
BloodSugarSexMagic was the Peppers at their zenith, this album is just as relevent today. I am eagerly anticipating forthcoming release.

word up.

BSSM was the shit! Naked in the Rain was a personal fave. I Could've Lied is brilliant too.

And the vid for Give It Away is one of the best music vids ever created (respect Stephane Sednaoui).


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I think I heard they are coming to play in TO in August sometime..and that tix will go on sale in May sometime!

I'm sooo excited :D:D

..and am for sure picking up the new cd!

rave jedi

TRIBE Member
Red Hot Chili Peppers, 9/25/06, Air Canada Center

Red Hot Chili Peppers announced their fall 2006 North American tour.

May 08, 2006 New York NY US Irving Plaza
Aug 05, 2006 Chicago IL US Lollapalooza
Aug 11, 2006 Portland OR US Rose Garden
Aug 15, 2006 Boise ID US Taco Bell Arena
Aug 16, 2006 Salt Lake City UT US Delta Center
Aug 18, 2006 Denver CO US Pepsi Center
Aug 21, 2006 Phoenix AZ US Glendale Arena
Aug 22, 2006 San Diego CA US Sports Arena
Aug 24, 2006 Oakland CA US Oakland Arena
Aug 27, 2006 Fresno CA US Selland Arena
Sep 14, 2006 Vancouver BC CA GM Place
Sep 16, 2006 Calgary AB CA Pengrowth Saddledome
Sep 17, 2006 Edmonton AB CA Rexall Place
Sep 19, 2006 Saskatoon SK CA Saskatchewan Credit Union Center
Sep 20, 2006 Winnipeg MB CA MTS Centre Coming Soon Join Now
Sep 25, 2006 Toronto ON CA Air Canada Center
Sep 28, 2006 Montreal QC CA Bell Centre
Oct 01, 2006 Quebec City QC CA Pepsi Collisee
Oct 17, 2006 New York NY US Continental Airlines Arena
Oct 20, 2006 Boston MA US Fleet Center
Oct 21, 2006 Albany NY US Pepsi Arena
Oct 23, 2006 Philadelphia PA US Wachovia Center
Oct 26, 2006 Atlanta GA US Gwinnett
Oct 28, 2006 New Orleans LA US Voodoo Music Experience
Oct 30, 2006 Columbus OH US Nationwide Arena
Oct 31, 2006 Cleveland OH US Quicken Loans Arena
Nov 02, 2006 Grand Rapids MI US Van Andel Arena
Nov 03, 2006 Detroit MI US Palace of Auburn Hills
Nov 05, 2006 Minneapolis MN US Xcel Arena

TaCk OnE?

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the only albums of theirs I really like are bloodsugarsexmagic and by the way....

curious as to how this will come off myself.
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They were playing a bunch of the new cuts on The Edge last night and I was really diggin' it. They seem to really be intergrating a lot of the sounds they've rocked over the years. From the funky to the more melodic.

I still dig RHCP even though 'By the Way' was a bit underwhelming. Smith and Flea are still arguably the best rhythm section in rock n' roll today.


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I'm 3/4's of the way through Scar Tissue as well. Once you get past the fact that it feels like it was written by a high schooler, you actually learn and gain a lot of respect and insight behind the peppers.

I wasn't always the biggest fan, but ever since I picked up the book, I've been going through their back catalog again, and I must admit, Im having a bit of an RHCP revival.

I'd check out their September show for sure, even though the only single I've heard off their new album was slightly underwhelming.

mitsuko souma

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Everything I heard last night on The Edge broadcast was gold. One more week!!
and tickets on sale next Saturday (does a little dance:))
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kmac said:
I like the new video, mostly because Anthony becomes Glenn Danzig for a lil' bit.
Glen Danzig?

Here's the list of parodied bands in the Dani California video...

1)Elvis Presley

2)The Beatles

3)Cream <---had to dig to figure out this one.

4)Jimi Hendrix


6)Ziggy Stardust

7)Alice Cooper

8)Sex Pistols

9)The Misfits



then finally RHCP themselves


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mitsuko souma said:
BloodSugarSexMagic was the Peppers at their zenith, this album is just as relevent today. I am eagerly anticipating forthcoming release.

Whatever. It was good but a little over produced if you ask me. I liked the earlier stuff. Also, I suppose I'm a bit jaded 'cause that's right about when I started to get annoyed that a lot of the bands I liked at the time went mainstream. It was amusing today to see a billboard advertising the new album when I was out for a ride!
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