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Stacey Pullen @ Tonic


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I've noticed this alot. The TBC hypes up a night and you have like 10 TBCers who are hype and ready to go, then we never get any reviews. How was it?

Black Flag,


Adam Duke

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Well, it wasn't 'Puke-tastic', but it was fun. Stacy played a pretty good set - slammin it some moments while being a little mundane in others. By the end he was just letting records play too long on their own so i left.

****Recently, i've been rather impressed with a certain house/tech house duo. They've been bustin' it large and workin the crowd well....MIGHTY PROPS to Peter & Tyrone.



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Thanks @m. Stacey Pullen is one of the most inconsistent dj's I know.

You never know what to expect,



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Stacy was ... good, and I enjoyed Peter & Tyrone, but if you stuck around late Kenny busted out a truly excellent set to close out the evening, for me he was the best of the night. Kenny should headline his own nights, he's got the skills for sure. I've caught him at Tonic several times and back to back with Algorithm before Cristian Vogel, and I've been consistently impressed. Keep up the great work.


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I wish I would have gone cause I heard a lot of good shit about Pullen...as far as Kenny G, he's fucking amazing, I've seen him so many times and he's consistently outplaying the headliner he's opening or closing for...I don't understand why he doesn't get more respect...I was at that Cristian Vogel party Kenny and A. completely showed him up.
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Pullen was good...but i have to agree, Kenny Glasgow's set was superb..

Kenny is a world class dj...and he does headline parties...but only in far off cities..

i know for certain that he has headlined some parties in the states...and a friend from pittsburg told be that he once headlined a party down there, and people were still talking about it a year later..
they like him

he told me once that the biggest party he spun at was somewhere in Germany..he opened for carl cox or commander tom or something...
something like 100,000 people...iono...my memory sucks...

props to kenny!!



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by unklespins:
.I was at that Cristian Vogel party Kenny and A. completely showed him up.</font>
I agree with your opinion of Kenny, he's amazing but I don't think he showed up Vogel, Vogel blew my fricking mind. In my opinion both sets were fantastic.


Da grunj

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I just did not want this thread to end sounding like a promo for Most Wanted Entertainment (even though Most Wanted does bring in the biggest names, and host the best parties in Toronto on a constant basis).

Kenny is Da shit! He has BLOWN away lots'o so called "INTERNATIONAL DJs".

Pure respect for Kennny!



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Nice people rock... Kenny is a great DJ and such a genuine nice guy... props, props, pass..heeh !
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