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stacey pullen - fabric 14 - tracklisting


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1 Cutlab - Spacey Bongo Black Flag
2 BB Boogie - I Got It Bitasweet Records
3 Vibe Residents - The DJs Calling EP/Rulers Anthem Defected
4 Shuffle Heads - Roll Call [Asads Silverlining Mix] Fremont
5 Pure Science - Get It Back Black Flag
6 Peace Division - Beatz and Peacez NRK
7 Magoo - Slips, Trips & Falls Cross Section
8 Niquid - Saxaphobia Defected
9 Moodyman - Music People Mahogani
10 Men With Sticks - 3rd JBO
11 DIY - EP #2 Hold On DIY
12 Tabass Nocturn - The Drum Denote
13 Dave Angel - Catch 2 Rotation
14 Solid Groove - Flookin’ Lounging


their best cover yet imo!
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Quite disappointing IMHO..needs more "techno"...only 14 tracks...his DJ Kicks one from a few years back had over 20 tracks