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Stacey Pullen 07/17 (Friday Night Lights)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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No. Moskito, Ryze, and Nest is literally the worst venue ever.

Every 6 months they rename it. And they simply can't pull that off. Pullen deserves better.

It's like 905 hell.


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He actually did one just before Footwork folded. That's all I want to remember him by.

Before that obviously it was Industry.


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i hadn't been to that space since it was plaza flamingo.

i checked Louie Vega at Nest a couple of weeks ago. the sound was total shit! unbelievably muddy mids and boomy lows, weak highs. such a disappointment. and Louie's set was meh. and the crowd was meh (bordering on douchey. only offset by some true heads that were out).

that was upstairs.

last week i checked Manoo. he was playing downstairs. much better sound and better crowd. i had a great time. the crowd was the promoter's usual followers. i won't go back upstairs unless someone can verify that the sound is fixed. and i won't go unless there are reputable promoters behind it.