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HOLY SHIT! Stabilizer just sent me his remix of my new single, "Full Rack Baker" and pardon my language, but you guys are gonna shit your pants! It's very nice.
I'm also working on getting a remix from Atomic Hooligans, Breakneck & Dreadzone who are all fans of the Melting Man-Red Skull record.
Coming up in the next few weeks from me:
Paul Walker-Flaky Bastard - Melting Man remix-2WARS
Chris Anderson-Underground-Melting Man remix-Eastern Bloc
Nugen-Emotion-Melting Man remix-Release Recordings
Paul Walker-Rideline-Melting Man remix-Bugeyed Records
I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say
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Sugar D

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That's great Anthony- I look forward this and all the other goodies you got coming up.

Go 2 Wars!
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Damn it Anthony why aren't you playing out more in London!?!?!

One of the best breaks labels on this continent is being run here in the forest city and yet this town remains oblivious.

Angus Robinson

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I just got my grubby little meat hooks on a promo copy of the melting man remix of Chris Anderson's "Underground". It sounds very nice! I'll be playing it tonight on a loud system at Milano's. Can't wait! ;)