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St. Germain?

Bloom! Productions

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i was unable to check out the event although i would have liked to.
st. germain is an amazing jazz, house & downtempo producer who, i believe, won't be back in the area for a while . . .
any reviews from the party?

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from what I hear this was an excellent party...didn't make it down myself, but got this info from a good friend...

"st germain basically hid behind the wall of keyboards running the show, but his 7 piece band played a funky set...really nice, smooth sounds & an overall good party..."...sorry the emails @ work, so if i pick up any other info i'll update...but from what i hear a way better party than the other homme de francais (i think thats french guy), who played here 2 weeks ago...


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I went to the show to take a break from exam madness, and it was phenomenal!!
The Government was packed (which made it a bit difficult to dance freely) and the crowd was really into the show. The sax player was super hyped and was good at getting the crowd going (he reminded me of the main man in Buena Vista Social Club, probably because he was older and didn't stop smiling). I was totally blown away by the percussionists - so much talent and enthusiasm coming from both of them. Great show!!!!


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funny.... i'm listening to st. germain right now!
this music is amazing. i would have loved to see the show.

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